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Rockman Forte DS

In a surprising turn of events, one of our affiliate sites has discovered some startling news! While skimming around Capcom of Japan's FTP, our friend found apparent proof of a new Nintendo DS game! From the looks of things, it's another game that has Forte in it!

It's called "Rockman Forte", according to the title. Why Capcom would keep this a secret from the public is questionable, as is the graphical style of this rather early look at a new Rockman game set in the Classic timeline, but the point still stands.

Looks like we have a new Rockman Classic game on our hands, folks.

Rockman Forte Title Screen

Forte Strikes!

Rockman Firing at a Sniper Joe

Rockman Serveying the Area

Evil Rockman?! And Blues is Down!!

Rockman on high chase after Evil Rockman!

A recent scan from this month's Coro Coro Magazine has also been reveiled. It doesn't have much more detail than what we've posted, but hey! It's somethin'! Click to enlarge!

Looking at the title screen, either the title is going to be on the touch screen, or all the action is going to take place there. If the latter, more than likely using the stylus (touch-wand) will only do anything for selection screens, or maybe mini-games. If anything else turns up anytime soon, we'll definately keep you posted. Let's hope Capcom makes an official announcement at the next big gaming convention!

Story & Character Profiles

The year is 20XX AD.
Thanks to the advancement of science, many of humanities' demanding and most difficult tasks are now taken care of by sentient humanoid robots. Thanks to them, life is luxurious and peaceful. However, the mad scientist Dr. Albert W. Wily had decided to stir up trouble in this seemingly utopian society. Using the very robots that assist humanity, his plans for world domination began, time and time again. At current time, the world is at peace thanks to the heroic efforts of Rockman, a robot created by Dr. Wily's rival in the field of robotics, Dr. Thomas Right. But peace is never everlasting, and once more trouble shows its ugly face.

Intro Stage

[As Forte]
Forte: The Old Geezer was right, someone's intruding in on his monopoly.. Hehe, fantastic time to prove my power!

[As Rockman]
Rockman: This destruction.. No doubt, Dr. Wily has returned!

[The Intro Stage Boss is defeated]
Blues: I can't belief I lost against that..
Forte: ....Rockman...? What's this?..
Blues: I need repair. I'll see you later, Forte.
[Blues teleports out]
Forte: Blues, wait! Ugh, he's so annoying..
Copy Rockman : About time you showed up. Like what I've done with the place?
Forte: ....
Rockman?: Lost your tongue?
Forte: ..Why did you become evil?
Copy Rockman: I've decided I'm tired of being a goody-two-shoes, that fool Right's little slave! I have my own ambitions now. Dr. Wily is all that's standing in the path of world domination!
Forte:? You take over the world?! Don't make me laugh!..
Copy Rockman: You're shaking in your boots, aren't you? You know you can't beat me! Our previous battles are the proof of that!
Forte: Back then you had justice on your side. Now it all boils down to specs, and I am far superior! I'm the strongest robot!
Copy Rockman: Oh, lookit me, I'm Forte! I'm the strongest, nobody can beat me! Wanna bet?! You're so two-dimensional. It's a pity I need you alive for now.
Forte: Running away, are we?
Copy Rockman: It's called a tactical retreat. Bye Forte!
[Copy Rockman teleports out]
Forte: COWARD!...
[Forte teleports out, the real Rockman arrives.]
Rockman: Forte, you're responsible for this?..

Random stage encounter after 2 bosses are defeated:
[As Rockman]
Rockman: Who're you?
Copy Rockman: ...Rockman?..
[Copy Rockman teleports out]
Rockman: What was that about?

[As Forte]
Forte: There you are!
Copy Rockman: You again?!
[Copy Rockman teleports out]
Forte: Damn you, coward! Quit running!

Rockman: Formerly the assistant robot Rock. Due to his strong sense of justice, Rock requested he'd be converted to the combat model Rockman when Dr. Wily's evil schemes of world domination began. He has stopped the ambitions of Dr. Wily numerous times in the past.

Forte: Created by Dr. Wily to be the strongest robot. His sole purpose is to defeat Rockman in combat and prove his superiority. However, recently he has been opposing his creator, wanting to prove Dr. Wily does not need to build anymore scrap heaps, as he is stronger than them all. Though, Wily's annoyance of these actions, he has decided to keep Forte around, perhaps that he may still be of use.

Dr. Thomas Right: Genius scientist responsible for the creation of the first sentient humanoid robots. He has won the Nobel Prize for his achievements. At current time, he's researching A.I. and developing a new robot for the purpose of keeping the peace.

Dr. Albert W. Wily: Once a genius scientist. Dr. Wily was shunned from scientific circles after word of his controversial practices reached the ears of many. He went into hiding contemplating his revenge upon the world and his rival Dr. Right, who always exceeded him in everything he did. Currently, after many failed attempts, Dr. Wily has put his world domination schemes on halt to work on a new project of his. He prefers this project to not be interrupted by his enemies.

Blues: The first sentient humanoid robot created by Dr. Right. He has gone missing, living his life as a free spirit. Blues occasionally assist in the battle against Dr. Wily, only to disappear to wherever he came from once more.

Behind the Scenes

Actually, this is a April Fools 2006 joke, and it's well-planned and nicely done.
Special Thanks to: BlackBeltDude, Robert Oakes, Zan Sidera, ACE_Spark and RikkusRukkus.

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Copyrights for the individual materials:
- Capcom: MvC mug, 'Rockman Forte" logo text, Japanese title text (RMZ), Copyright text (RMZ).
- BlackBeltDude: All Backgrounds, Title Images, Weapon effects, Screens.
- Robert Oakes: Rockman, Blues, Met, Joe, Lifebars.
- Zan Sidera: Rockman?, Health item, secondary Blues frame (not shown), Beat, Game name, Setting/Story, Quality Advisor (Editing sprites to look better).

Mistake List:
- L logo instead of R on Laboratory sign.
- Rockman?'s head has a square instead of the triangle he should have.
- Re-use of several Capcom artwork.
- Nintendo is mispelled on CoroCoro scan
- The rest of the scan is simply gibberish text.
- The wrong met sprite was used, a superior version was made but never implemented due to miscommunication.

So to summerize, Robert Oakes did the characters sprites, with additional edits by Zan Sidera. BlackBeltDude was responsible for making the backgrounds. Zan Sidera created the health item and was responsible for the setting of Rockman Forte, Evil Rockman, Blues down. Stuff like that.

ACE_Spark came up with the actual idea and got support from the guys above to complete it. RikkusRukkus was responsible for the CoroCoco scan, even though Nintendo DS Lite was misspelled and Rockman's Marvel vs Capcom mugshot was used on the bottom screens.

The materials below are now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
The backgrounds are Public Domain now, courtesy of BlackBeltDude.

(Click these images to enlarge)

As approved by the RockForteDS group, the material are now public domain. These are now added here and can be used by anyone interested. Credit is appreciated. These are the materials Robert Oakes made, which was very influenced by C+C from Zan, especially the use of black outlines. He also edited Rock into "Rockman?", which Robert tweaked later.

Zan made an unused pose for Blues before they began to use black outlines, and the health item and Beat afterwards. The group were even considering including Gospel in one of the screenshots, but Robert couldn't finish it in time, unfortunately.

Also to note, the group were planning on making a new logo for the hoax, but due to lack of time, they had to edit something from the SNES game. Oh well.

(Right-click and Save As)

UPDATE: And some more sprites has been made for this project in late June, despite the lack of a game programmer for a potential game release. (Recolour palettes for Rock provided by Mr. Dimond.)

While we wait for a fan game to get released, Roll scolds Rock for his misfortunes in life.

Or why not just enjoy these eye-candy animations?

Look who came over to wiggle his eyebrows at us?

Finally, some materials that wasn't uploaded before.