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Rockman DASH: Adventurous Spirit of Steel

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Wall Trick - Portal 2

To execute this trick, you must have the Running Shoes and the B License, which grants you access to Portal 2 on the world map, which is the place for the glitch. Ok, now for show and tell.
In Portal 2, position Trigger (Rockman) the same way as the picture is showing.
Activate the Running Shoes so you'll be able to skate. Skate at the wall.
In the light colored area of the wall, you should be able to go through it. If not, while still skating, press either L1 or R1 for aligning Trigger's skate direction.
When success has been met, he'll go through the wall and fall into the black nothing.
You'll sometime land on solid ground of empty space. You'll stand in the air and can view the surroundings with the R2 to see where to go next.
It's wise to go to the long/small corridor area where the purple wall on the map is.
Run around with Trigger until he starts to fall again. This time, make sure that he lands in the same area as the corridor I mentioned.
When success has been met, he'll have access to Main Gate.
Now, just for fun, turn around and what can you see? The wall which was in the way for you at the start of the game.
Run towards it, stand in front of it and laugh at it. Now turn around again and continue with your mission.
You can go through the green door in front of you to get to Main Gate, but before you head there, go to the left for a Generator Part.
After that, run back and head towards the green door to enter Main Gate.
Now you're in Main Gate. For beginners, its a dangerous place to be, since you'll encounter 3 ReaverDogs here. The good news is that this area has some nifty items for you to bring to Roll-chan for Item Development, like...
...an Autofire Barrel and...
...a Blunted Drill.
There's also Zenny to be picked up...
...as well as a Museum Item. When you picked up everything, head to the door on the right side of the Main Gate map.
You should now be able to go outside and get some fresh air, in Old Town.
When you're up there, you'll also see a big storage facility of some sort. This is where you'll encounter the Bonnes in their big robot, Bruno, at the near-end parts of the game. But if you get inside the storage facility now, you'll find nothing. Only boxes which you can jump on or whatever.
The bad part of being in here is that you can't get out of there. The only way to get out of there is to use the Walkie-Talkie which you get from Roll-chan. Call Roll-chan, either inside the facility, or outside to get to the Support Car, which is now located at Old Town. This is also a good way to get to new areas earlier in the game, since you now can access Old Town and Main Gate just by using the Support Car and the Walkie-Talkie. And you now have all those nifty items which you can turn to a Drill Arm and a buster part which grants you Max Energy, early in the game.