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MegaMari: Marisa's Ambition

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Game Details

Image (JP)
Developer Twilight Frontier
Publisher Twilight Frontier
Genre Action/Platformer
Players 1
Systems » PC Windows
Media » 1 CD (PC)
Save Backup » Password (PC)

Release Notes

メガマリ 魔理沙の野望
MegaMari: Marisa no Yabou
(JP) 2006.05.26 (PC) [smega01] 1650 yen


This game is both a mix of female characters from a famous game series in Japan called Touhou and a mix of Rockman 2-style gameplay, including small resemblance such as the "Tower" Title screen, the Rockman 2 Wily Castle similarity and even the eyebrow wiggle that Dr. Wily used to pull on the Original Rockman series, but another character takes his role now. These Touhou characters are featured mostly in shmups (Shoot'em Ups) games, but also on a few fighting games and a platform game called Super Marisa Land.

The battle elements used for MegaMari is loosely borrowed from shmup games such as Gradius V & Ikaruga, because you'll notice that the enemies and bosses likes to fill up the screen with their projectile attacks like they do on shmup games. This makes it a slightly more challenging game than the past Rockman games in general.

Patchouli Knowledge, the Shadow Magician, is tired of how Marisa Kirisame sneaks into her library to 'borrow' (or flat out steal) books, so she decided to build herself her very own castle for some peace and quiet, and stop this frequent book theft, but Marisa still goes to the castle to bother Patchouli for books to pick up, so you play the role as Marisa, along with Alice Margatroid, on their quest to defeat 8 of their female friends and finally enter Patchouli's Castle and gather up all the books they can. Like all the other Touhou games, you are in for a wacky and cute little adventure filled with mystic creatures and female magic wielders. Packed with 14 stages and lots of shmups-related devastating boss attacks, the action is non-stop and you keep coming for more.

Official Site of MegaMari

Product Code: smega01
Circle Name: Twilight Frontier
Title: MegaMari: Marisa's Ambition
Genre: Side-Scrolling Action
Remark: For All Ages
Release Date: 2006.05.26
Price: 1,650 Yen (Consumer Tax: 78 Yen)

OS: Windows 2000/XP Japanese Edition
CPU: Pentium 1.2GHz or Above (Minimum 800MHz)
Memory: 256MB or Above (Minimum 128MB)
HDD: Approximately 100MB
Video: Video Memory 64MB or Above (Minimum 32MB)
Direct9 Correspondence