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MegaMari: Marisa's Ambition

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Boss Order (From Left to Right)

Reimu Hakurei

Use: Butterfly Stream (Marisa) / Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Reimu has a lot of paper card-based attacks that she likes to throw at you. First up is a ring of blue and pink cards (01), that can be avoidable by standing between the openings of the attack. Reimu will also jump a lot and fire red cards (02) and blue cards (03), so run or jump past them to not get hit by them. Reimu will also stand on ground and launch a long row of cards (04) that can only be avoided by jumping. If you see her run instead of jumping, it means that she will start her "Needle Cannon" attack (05) and she will shoot 2 groups of them before she stops and repeat her jump attacks. If you have hit her a few times, she will summon a Yin-Yang Strike (06) that will constantly bounce on the screen without any stopping. At very rare moments, she will also throw a few Homing Amulets at you (07), but they do not home at you, but they circle across the screen until they disappear at the corners. When Reimu has very low health left, she will keep summon Yin-Yang Strikes (08) without stopping, so you must keep using the Butterfly Stream or the Reincarnation Ghost on her until she "blows up".


Use: Psycho Missile (Marisa) / Mental Sacrifice (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

Cirno will jump a lot and spray out a group of ice spears (01), so find a good spot and then avoid them there. She will make small jumps and shoot 3 ice spears at a time too (02). She will also stay on ground and charge up a White Rose Cluster (03), so wait on the corners of the screen and then jump over the big cluster when it comes close. The ceilings will also be filled with ice pillars (04), and they will fall eventually, so you need to just stay in a corner and focus on Cirno's ice attacks more than the pillars. Stay far away from Cirno and keep using Psycho Missile and Mental Sacrifice on her and the explosions will take her down fast and simple.

Sakuya Izayoi

Use: Red Magic (Marisa) / Bloody Curse (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

Sakuya will jump a lot and throw knives at you. One attack is that she summons 4 holes that sprays stab knives at you (01) but stay far away and they won't be any problems. She will also throw blue knives that bounces on the floor (02), but just find an opening and you will make it without harm. She will run on ground and throw red knives too (03) and they will slow down a bit before speeding up again and disappear, so you need to jump over her and the knives to not get damaged. When Sakuya has low health, she will keep jumping up in air and throw a huge ring of knives that falls slowly towards the ground (04) and eventually spreads out and becomes green knives. With each jump she makes, she will keep filling the screen with these knives. You need to stay close to a opening and just make small steps while attacking her with Red Magic and Bloody Curse. This one will go down fast and easy too.

Remilia Scarlet

Use: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Remilia jumps a lot while shooting huge red rings of balls at you (01), but they still have a opening you can run through so that's not such a troublesome attack. If she chucks a wall, she will then fly towards the ground in a zig-zag motion (02), so when she's close to the ground, jump over her or stay close to the walls to avoid her. She will also stay up on the ceiling and burst out red and yellow shots all across the screen (03), but stay close to the walls and the shots will reveal openings you can jump through when they get close to you. Another attack will make her fly to the ceiling very fast, ram the ground equally fast and burst out 5 Red Magics that spreads out in different directions (04), so you need to stay close to a wall and then jump over one of them. Her desperation attack will make her keep jumping and fill the screen with red balls (05), so make sure you stick close to her and throw a lot of Yin-Yang Strikes at her to finish her off.

Youmu Konpaku

Use: Thousand Knives (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

Youmu likes to run and stab a lot, but stay away from her and she won't cause any trouble. She will begin by shooting out a Ghost Cutter with her sword (01), but if she's on a platform higher than you, you can just stand still on ground and you won't get hit. She will also jump across the screen and throw a group of small red shots at you (02), but run to one side of the screen to avoid them. Next, she will spin in the air and when she lands, she will launch 2 Ghost Cutters (03), one on her left and right side. Best way to defeat her is to first strike her with your normal weapon until you've dealt at least 1/5 of damage towards her and then keep using Thousand Knives non-stop and she won't stand a chance at all. If she do manage to survive, her ghostly friend will fire red rings (04) in a clockwise rotation, so just find the opening to avoid them and defeat her with the Thousand Knives.

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Use: Black Lotus (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Yuyuko likes to disappear and reappear a lot in this battle. First, she will walk and launch a Butterfly Stream in the air (01). Her next attack is the Reincarnation Ghost (02) and most attacks can't penetrate through that shield and she will disappear and the shield will keep rolling towards you, so jump over it if you can, but it's tough. Yuyuko will also stand on a corner of the screen and shoot 2 lasers (1 at a time) that cause a explosion when touching the ground (03), so run and jump past them and then avoid the next set of 2 lasers by doung the same thing. She will also spray out pink petals that rain across the screen (04), so find an opening to avoid them. In her desperation attack, she will keep firing lasers and spraying petals at you (05), but if you're fast enough with the Black Lotus attack of yours, she won't even be able to shoot any lasers at you.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Use: Ghost Cutter (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

Reisen will jump a lot and shoot pink petals at you in long rows (01), so just run and jump over then when they're close. She'll also jump and throw 6 bomb frags to the ground (02) and they'll explode upon impact, but they always land on the same spots, so you can easily predict where you should stand and avoid them (mostly the middle area of the room). She also likes to throw a huge ring of petals as well (03), but the openings are wider than usuall, so they are pretty much the easiest attacks you can avoid. She will also dash across the screen and create holographic entities of herself (04) and they will shoot a long row of petals too, but just stay at any corner of the screen to avoid that attack completely. She will also jump and launch a Psycho Missile at you (05), but jump away from it and you won't get hit. When she has low health left, she will instead shoot 3 Psycho Missiles at a time (06), but if you keep running and jumping past them, you won't get hit by their explosions. Keep running close to her and stab her lots of times with the Ghost Cutter and she will go down easy.

Eirin Yagokoro

Use: Ice Vulcan (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Eirin usually stands on one spot and attack before jumping to the other side of the screen. In one of her attacks, she will aim her bow upwards and shoot arrows to the ceiling that crashes with it and they break into small pink lasers raining towards you (01), so just run to a safe spot when you see a opening. She will also jump and fire 4 Black Lotuses (02) that chucks the ground before they disappear, so you need to jump over them when you see them. Next, she will jump and spray out green smokes (03) that chases after you. These can be destroyed with your regular weapon though. Eirin will also shoot out one single arrow straight up that transforms into a meteor (04) that falls slowly to the ground, but these are easily avoidable, as long as you keep track of her other attacks in the process. When she has low health, she will keep summoning these meteors one by one (05) until you defeat her. Stay far away from her and use the Ice Vulcan to keep draining energy from her. She'll at least go down fast, but it's still safe to have a full health bar before facing her though.

Yukari Yakumo

(TagTeam: Ran Yakumo & Chen)
Use: Red Magic (Marisa); Bloody Curse (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

Yukari will begin by making the platform you're standing on disappear and a bunch of blocks with eyes on them will fill up the screen. These will be the only platforms you can use from now on. You can only attack Yukari when she surrounds herself with a blue barrier (01) and shortly after that, she will shoot a large ball at you (02), so jump to another eye block to avoid that. Next up, she will summon her friends Ran and Chen (03) and they will circle around her while shooting different colored balls all across the screen (04), so avoid all their attacks for a little while and Yukari will show up again and repeat this process again. This battle is hands down one of the hardest battles to survive in, because of the bottomless pit under you and the fact that the balls that Ran & Chen shoots are always annoying to avoid. Either way, keep staying at the top-most part of the screen until Yukari pops up and then jump down to middle or ground level and fire out as much Red Magic or Bloody Curse as you can. Also, you can also use a bunch of Butterfly Streams or Reincarnation Ghosts to take care of Ran & Chen.

Suika Ibuki

Use: Butterfly Stream (Marisa); Reincarnation Ghost (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

This boss will remind you of Rockman 3's Yellow Devil Mako 2. At first, the boss area will be completely empty, but once the boss meter fills up, stand in the middle and keep an eye out on the left side of the screen. Miniature versions of Suika will fly towards you (01) and build up a huge Suika behind you, so jump over those that are on your ground level and then run to the left. One of big Suika's attack will be a jumping assault (02) but just run away and she won't harm you. After each attack big Suika makes, she will break apart and her miniature selfs will fly in different directions (03) before they emerge again. The other ways that the miniatures will show up is either through running on ground towards you, or playfully and joyfully jumping in your direction (04) so they can build up big Suika behind you. Jump over each of them when they run on ground, or run past each of them when they jump. The next attack that big Suika makes is 2 red ring assaults (05) that flies in different directions, but if you walk to either of the corners of the screen and stand still, you should be able to avoid the first stream and then make a light jump to avoid the second one. The last attack of big Suika is a Rockman 1 Super Arm type attack, in which she will grab a stone falling from the ceiling (06) and then she will throw it at you and it will then fly upwards when it hits ground. You need to keep launching Butterfly Streams towards big Suika to defeat her. The fastest way to defeat her though, is using Alice's Reincarnation Ghost and deal fast and massive damage that way.

Copy Marisa

Use: Red Magic (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03

This boss will appear in the capsule machinery in the middle of the room and then jump to the right before battle begins. She only has 2 attack patterns: Jumping towards you and shooting 2 shots at a time (01) or running on ground and shooting (02). Just keep running past her jumps and jumping when she runs on ground and keep using the Red Magic or your regular attack and when you've drained half her energy, she will stop and a red mushroom will fall from the ceiling (03) and she will grow and become Super Marisa.

Super Marisa

Use: Psycho Missile (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

OK, first up, Super Marisa will jump to the ceiling (01) and land at the spot you stand at (02), so run away before she rams you with her fist. When she lands, green blocks will fall from the ceiling so find a opening and stand there. The first attack this boss does is to first lean back and launch a big laser attack (03) that shoots in your direction, but if you stand on solid ground you will be able to avoid it completely. She'll jump up again, land and do her next attack, which is a run and chase type attack (04), so to avoid this, quickly jump on a green block and then jump over her when she runs towards you. Just keep shooting you with everything you got and she will eventually go down quick and easy.

Shikieiki Yamaxanadu

Use: Rolling Slash (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

You will only face this boss as Alice. Note that the minor enemies that are sitting above you will keep shooting you with yellow shots and throw white furball enemies at you, so don't stand still all the time. First up, whenever you see the Danger! sign on either side of the screen (01), you need to wait a few seconds and be ready to jump over a boat (02) that skips forwards in your direction or else you will receive massive damage. Next up, Shikieiki will throw huge rings of dark knives at you (03), but they have lots of openings, so stand between these knives somehow and you won't get damaged. Next we have blue and pink colored balls (04) that Shikieiki shoots around her in a clockwise rotation a couple of laps, so just jump past them or stand between the openings to make it unharmed. She will also shoot 3 rows of pink laser shots (05) depending on where you stand, so stay on the left side of this laser attack, very close to the middle row of laser shots and they won't be able to harm you. Shikieiki will also drop long blue pillars from the ceiling (06) and it will sink slowly through ground before it disappears completely, but as long as you keep running when it falls, it won't be any threat to you at all. Best way to deal with Shikieiki is to run up to her, and use the Rolling Slash on her while jumping, then run back to the left side incase you need to avoid her attacks.

Patchouli Knowledge

Use: Rolling Slash (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Upon approaching Patchouli, she will start jumping in air and fire blue lasers in a counter-clockwise rotation and pink lasers in a clockwise rotation, each color one second after the other (01), so you need to first run to the right to avoid the blue lasers and then run to the left when she fires the pink lasers. Then she will jump up and throw 3 "Bubble Leads" in your direction (02) and they will bounce on the floor for a while so just run past them when they are high up in air. She will also jump up and throw a bunch of "Metal Blades" (03) spinning around her and they approach you as well, so run past or jump over the ones that are getting close to you. She will also jump and throw 2 bomb frags and as they land on ground, they will spray upwards like fire towers (04) so either run away from them or stand between the fire towers and you will make it unharmed. Her last attack is green laser shots (05) that slowly falls and approaches you, so if you see an opening, just stand there and you will get unharmed here too. Patchouli does not have a energy bar, so you need to just keep attacking her with all sorts of aerial attacks until you've dealt enough damage and she will fly a few inches to the right with sweatdrops and then insults you, while she escapes to the next room on her Saucer.

Patchouli Machine phase 1

Use: Psycho Missile (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02 03

This boss has 3 attacks that needs to be pointed out unless you want to be completely demolished within seconds. The first one is a spray attack consisting of pink laser shots (01), so you need to stay on ground and wait until you see an opening and jump right through the assault. Next is a flame thrower attack (02) that shoots 4 flames that, if contact with ground, will cause big explosions, so run away from these at all cost, since they will attack the spot you stood at. Lastly, 3 wave shots (03) that curves diagonally downwards at you and then flies up, so to avoid these, stand on the far-left side of the screen if the Patchouli Machine is on the far-right side of the screen or jump over the waves if the Patchouli Machine is close. Keep jumping and fire a lot of Psycho Missiles at the front tip of Patchouli Machine and it will eventually blow up and emerge as Patchouli Machine phase 2.

Patchouli Machine phase 2

Use: Butterfly Stream (Marisa)
Attacks: 01 02

This one is going all out on the desperation attacks. First up is a row of small waves (01) that approaches you while curving upwards, so find a opening when they spread out to get through unharmed. The other attack is 3 huge fireballs (02) that bounces to the left, so run past each of them and you will make it. Butterfly Stream is a must for draining away a huge portion of this boss's energy within seconds. This one goes down fast and easy.

Patchouli Saucer

Use: Black Lotus (Marisa); Homing Amulet (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03

This boss will disappear and then re-appear while attacking you in 3 different ways: First, it will launch pink lasers in the shape of a ring towards you (01), so find the opening and run away from it. The next attack will be easily recognized if the Saucer doesn't start shooting for a long while, so if it does, quickly run in any direction and don't stop and you will be able to avoid the big blue lasers that are chasing you (02). The last attack consists of 6 lasers, 3 above and 3 under the Saucer, that flies in your direction (03), so you need to wait until they start flying to you and then jump past the one that is on your ground level. Any aerial attack will do justice here, so stick with Black Lotus each time the Saucer appears, and use Butterfly Stream as a reserve. Each time the Saucer appears, you should just stand under it and keep launching some Black Lotus up that Saucer's rear-end while avoiding the attacks in the process.

Mecha Patchouli

Use: Yin-Yang Strike (Marisa); Bloody Curse (Alice)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

After defeating the Patchouli Saucer, you will spot it on the ground in the next room. Get close to it and the room will shake, so run up to the platforms above you, preferably the top-most ones, and the battle against Mecha Patchouli will begin. The first attack is a laser-eye attack (01) that approaches you from the ground all the way up to the far-left platform and then the lasers creates a explosion effect at the points that it attacked (02). Next up, this boss will raise its arm up and then slam it to the ground (03) in hopes of being able to hit you, but jump up when it strikes and you will not get hit. Afterwards, it will sometimes come close to you while it shoots a huge stream of pink laser shots all over the screen (04), so find an opening and jump past all of them. Next, the Mecha will summon a drill from its left arm (05) and shoot lots of drill parts at you, so jump tp the top platform and you won't get hurt. Finally, the Mecha will back away and flash white (06) to charge up a devastating attack that will inflict major damage at you, so jump to the top platform and wait until the Mecha flashes faster than normal and when it's as white as white can be, jump straight up at the moment the Mecha launches its ghostly attack (07) and you won't get hit. Best way to deal with this boss is to keep standing on the top platform and drop Yin-Yang Strikes on its head and it will go down after a long minute of battling. A good alternate weapon is Red Magic, that should be used while standing on the platform to your left.