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MegaMari: Marisa's Ambition

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This game has 16 different weapons, each one good in their own little way. When you beat one of the first 8 bosses, they drop a shiny orb that contains the weapon. The one character that picks it up will get that weapon, so it means that only one of them can get the weapon and the other will go empty-handed. This makes it rather tough to plan who should recieve which weapon, but we give a couple of solutions below. No matter which player you are however, you will still recieve Marisa's Magic Broom, because you cannot beat the game without it.

Marisa's Weapons

Magic Broom / 魔法のほうき (Pick up 4 weapons with Marisa to get this.)
This behaves exactly like Rockman 2's Item 2 does. Just place the Magic Broom anywhere and quickly get on it to get transferred from one side of the screen to the next. It drains a bit of ammo too the longer distance it flies.
Yin-Yang Strike / 陰陽ストライク (Reimu Hakurei)
A rolling ball that bounces forward in a slow pace. It's a very strong attack, but the range is rather short and if it hits a wall or keeps rolling for a while, it disappears. However, it's a pretty good way to clear out a huge mass of enemies.
Red Magic / 紅色マジック (Remilia Scarlet)
This fires a penetrating shot that leaves a trail and damages whatever enemies that fly into that trail. It can also be aimed at a upward direction and it bounces off walls as well. Fire it towards a row of enemies infront of you and chase after it for maximum effect.
Ghost Cutter / ゴーストカッター (Youmu Konpaku)
This will launch a short-range penetrating arc attack that damages enemies, but it's rather weak and the ammo will run low pretty fast every time you use it.
Psycho Missile / サイコミサイル (Reisen Udongein Inaba)
This weapon can blow up green-colored walls in the same manner as Rockman 3's Hard Knuckle. When it hits an enemy, the explosion it causes will take care of plenty of enemies and it's a pretty fast weapon too.
Ice Vulcan / アイスバルカン (Cirno)
It's a machine-gun style attack that sprays out continuous shards of ice. It's weak, but fast and it's a good alternate to Marisa's regular shots, although it tends to waste alot of ammo for it to be of good use, besides against a few bosses.
Thousand Knives / サウザンドナイブズ (Sakuya Izayoi)
A tactical ability with only 4 uses, this allows you to freeze time, but it behaves more like Rockman 4's Flash Stopper, in the sense that when you use it, it only drains a portion of your weapon meter and you need to use it again once the effect wears off. Also, while time is frozen, a whole bunch of knives will fill up the current screen and once the time effect wears off, the knives strikes every enemy on-screen. Maximize its usefulness by moving while time is stopped to increase the number of enemies it will kill, as any minor enemy WILL be destroyed. The knives does bounce off high-protection enemies though, but it's still a very strong attack and the time stop effect is highly useful in Patchouli Stage 1's Death Laser area. It also stops your own projectile attacks if you've fired one off, so it's a fun way to mix that with say, the Red Magic and then stop time to maximize that weapon's damage-dealing effect.
Butterfly Stream / バタフライストリーム (Yuyuko Saigyouji)
This shoots a bunch of butterflies upwards diagonally. An anti-air attack that pierces through targets and destroys in a large area. It demolishes pretty much anything in its path, it also deals lots of damage and the effect is greater if you keep chasing it. Good against a couple of bosses too.
Black Lotus / ブラックロータス (Eirin Yagokoro)
This fires 2 balls, one will hug the ceiling while the other hugs the ground. Yet another anti-air attack that pierces through a whole bunch of enemies in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the balls will bounce away if they hit a common wall or a high-protective enemy.

Alice's Weapons

Shanghai Doll / まあまあ最高の上海人形 (Pick up 4 weapons with Alice to get this.)
This summons the cute doll Shanghai that will keep following Alice until it spots an enemy. Shanghai will fly infront of the enemy and attack it with her small projectile attacks in a machine-gun pattern. She's rather weak though and each bullet waste a bit of ammo, but it's still a neat little support unit.
Homing Amulet / ホーミングアミュレット (Reimu Hakurei)
This launches square symbols forward and homes in on enemies, but it's rather weak and waste more ammo to take care of one enemy than what it's worth. What usually takes 2 hits for Alice to kill a enemy with just her regular attack, this takes double the amount of hits to kill the enemy. Not worth keeping, so stick with Marisa's Yin-Yang Strike instead.
Bloody Curse / ブラッディクルス (Remilia Scarlet)
This throws out a cross-shaped boomerang that stays on the firing point and then returns to Alice. It spins very fast, deals lots of hits and damage and can be aimed at 8 different directions, which makes it extremely useful. Unless it bounces off the enemy, it can really rack up damage.
Rolling Slash / ローリングスラッシュ (Youmu Konpaku)
Jump in air to use this. Alice will perform a slicing barrier that surrounds her and disappears as fast as it appeared. This is one of the strongest attacks in the game, because of the high damage rate and the huge amount of enemies that can be chopped to bits with it. And the ammo is on the conservative side too. The strength and usefulness compensates for its short range. Highly effective on most bosses and a must against Shikieiki.
Mental Sacrifice / メンタルサクリファイス (Reisen Udongein Inaba)
This throws a couple of frags upwards and they explode upon contact. Not as strong as Psycho Missile, but it can still take care of enemies that are above you. And just like Psycho Missile, it can blow up green-colored walls too.
White Rose Cluster / ホワイトローズクラスタ (Cirno)
This brings forth a small ice ball at the tip of your fingertips and the longer you charge it, the bigger it gets, almost like Rockman 2's Atomic Fire. But if you get hit, you lose the charge up. The charging is rather slow too, but once the ball is large enough, launch it at a bunch of enemies and they go down stone-cold.
Quicksilver / クイックシルバー (Sakuya Izayoi)
This launches 4 knives forward in different directions. It works best against minor enemies, since it's a weak attack, but very fast. A bunch of enemies can be taken out on one go and it's a good weapon to use if you need to conserve ammo on the other weapons.
Reincarnation Ghost / リンカネーションゴースト (Yuyuko Saigyouji)
This summons 8 ghosts that circles around and protects Alice, almost like Rockman 4's Skull Barrier, but each ghost disappears after taking a hit (and damaging) or after a certain time limit. You can also dual summon so 16 ghosts can show up to deal massive damage in the process. It's a very interesting weapon that can be used for more than just a shield, but it doesn't deflect bullets.
Force Crisis / フォースクライシス (Eirin Yagokoro)
This fires a big giant ball that comes down flying diagonally behind Alice. The weapon is rather powerful, but the aim is hard to master. But it's good to take out a whole bunch of enemies if you turn around first and fire it.