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Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack

DATA: Info | Passwords
GUIDE: Bosses | Weapons | Items


Boss Order (From Left to Right)


Use: Roll Buster

This mysterious girl will run around the screen both left and right while jumping, shooting and sliding. When she jumps, she shoots in a pattern that is almost unavoidable. To best deal with her, charge up your buster to full power, then wait until she runs or slides close to you, then fire a big buster shot at her. If you shoot when she jumps, you will miss her. Shoot her with about six big buster shots and she will surrender and then teleport away.

Weasel Man

Use: Immortal Stone

Weasel Man will throw plenty of Sonic Boomerangs all over the room in the same way that Air Man throws Air Shooters in Rockman 2. These Sonic Boomerangs will spin around in different directions before they disappear. While they do that, Weasel Man will jump close to you and do the same attack over and over again. Find a place where you won't be hit by the Sonic Boomerangs, then shoot a charged shot at him when he stands still. Find an opening somewhere around the Sonic Boomerangs and either jump or slide past them to avoid them. Have the Immortal Stone ready, spinning around Roll, and then launch a stone at Weasel Man if he's far away or ram him with the Immortal Stones surrounding you. He will go down with four Immortal Stones.

Waltz Man

Use: Thunder Wheel

Waltz Man will launch a Death Waltz towards you, then jump super high while launching another Death Waltz higher up in the room. Then he will keep jumping back and forth a couple of times before launching more Death Waltz. He always fires two of them, then after he has jumped around, he will launch two more and repeat these steps again and again. You can slide past the Death Waltz that bounces on the ground level. With the Roll Buster, have patience when fighting him, wait until he's on the ground while you slide past the Death Walts on the ground level, then shoot a charge up buster shot. The same thing applies with the Thunder Wheel. Wait until Waltz Man is on the ground, then make a quick jump and fire a Thunder Wheel at him. He goes down fast if you launch three Thunder Wheels at him.

Flare Man

Use: Sonic Boomerang

Flare Man will begin by firing four Flare Shots in your direction and keep doing this for a while. After that (or after you hit him with an attack), he will burst in flames and then jet across the room and then stop. His attack pattern is very similar to Heat Man from Rockman 2. Jump past the Flare Shots, shoot him, then jump past him when he jets towards you, then shoot him again, jump over him and repeat the process. With the Sonic Boomerang, run close to him and launch one at him, then avoid his jet attack, then keep repeat this pattern over and over again. If you keep hitting him with Sonic Boomerang this way, he won't fire any Flare Shots at you. He will cool down with four Sonic Boomerangs.

Rapid Man

Use: Laser Wave

Rapid Man will dash and shoot a couple of bullets, so make sure you jump over him if he is close while he dashes. He also jumps towards you a couple of times. And he will also stand still and shoot a couple of shots, before he will repeat the same things all over again. If you use the Roll Buster, charge it up and wait until he is shooting, dashing or jumping high enough, so that you can follow his movements and knock him with a big buster shot. If you have the Laser Wave, stand close to him and keep launching the lasers. They will shred him to bits in a couple of seconds.

Puppet Man

Use: Death Waltz

Puppet Man will shoot yellow bullet at you while his little girl doll will throw three Puppet Bombs all across the room. Then Puppet Man will disappear and teleport somewhere else in the room. The Puppet Bombs will explode one after another when the timer ticks down to zero, so either stand between them or quickly run on the other side of the room to avoid the explosions. When you have done enough damage to him, he will disappear completely while leaving his little girl doll behind. She will run and jump all around the room to mess around with you. With the Roll Buster, charge it up and then wait for Puppet Man to show up and when he shoots his yellow bullets, fire a charged shot at him and he will disappear and teleport back again and do the same things over again. If you keep a charged up shot ready and keep shooting him when he does this, the Puppet Bombs won't show up and that will make the fight a little easier. When the little girl doll is left in the room, wait until she is running instead of jumping, then shoot a charged shot at her to deal with her easily. The Death Waltz works the same way as the charge shot method, but way faster. Puppet Man's curtains will drop with six Death Waltz.

Energy Man

Use: Bullet Strike

Energy Man will stand still for a while and charge up his spear, and he will then shoot a Thunder Wheel at you with his spear. Then he might do one of two things. One, he might run towards you and then hide close to a wall. Or two, he will jump high up and launch three small Thunder Wheels that trails under and over him, while the third one trails diagonally towards you. Then he will run to a corner and repeat the process over and over again. If you're brave enough, you can charge a buster shot and then fire it at him when he's in any of the corners, then avoid his Thunder Wheels the moment the big one comes cloes to you, and the second one that comes diagonally towards you will be avoidable if you jump over both these wheels high enough. After that you make one extra jump to avoid Energy Man when he comes towards you. With the Bullet Strike, he's completely defenseless and if you keep timing one Bullet Strike at a time, he won't be able to move at all, making this fight so ridiculously easy with that weapon.

Laser Man

Use: Flare Shot

Laser Man will stand still and fire lots of arrow-shaped shots at you, and eventually he will also run towards you while firing these shots too. He will also jump from one end of the room to the other, then repeat the arrow shooting again. Eventually, he will also crouch and fist the ground to launch Laser Waves at you, so stand far away and find a safe spot between the Laser Waves so you can avoid damage. The safe spots are very wide though, so it won't be that tough to avoid the Laser Waves. When he runs around, charge up a buster shot and fire it at him. When he jumps, slide past him and then fire a charged up buster shot when he lands. You can take him down easily with six Flare Shots.

Power Man

Use: Puppet Bomb

Power Man will do a tackle attack and dash towards you, then he will stay on one side of the room and do the tackle again to the other side of the room. He will also launch Immortal Stones at you every now and then. Jump over him when he does the tackle attack and throw a Puppet Bomb at the corner he used to stand at. When he dash back to that corner, the Puppet Bomb will explode right in front of him, draining half of his health. Throw another Puppet Bomb the same way as before and he will be crushed to bits.


Use: Thunder Wheel

You can find Blues in Energy Man's Stage, if you Rush Jet at a high spot and then jump to a hidden ladder. Blues will run for a while and when he's close enough, he will keep jumping up and down while shooting. He behaves the same way he does in Rockman 3. Slide past him and then shoot him from behind. You can also hit his head with an attack, as long as the attack doesn't hit his shield (or below it), because it will just block the attack. An easy way to deal with him is to launch Thunder Wheels at him while he's landing from a jump and you jump over him. When you jump, fire a Thunder Wheel and it will hopefully hit his head. It will also work if you chase after him from behind. He will admit defeat with ten Thunder Wheels. He will give you his Blues Shield and then he will teleport out of the room.

Piano (2nd Time)

Use: Thunder Wheel

She will behave the same way she did the first time with a few changes. She will again run to the left and right while jumping and shooting, and most of them, she will also shoot charged shots at you (without having to charge up a shot). To deal with her, charge up your buster to full power, then wait until she runs close to you, then fire a big buster shot at her. If you shoot when she jumps, you might miss her. She will go down faster if you fire five Thunder Wheels at her while you jump. She will admit defeat for now and teleport out of the room.

Cut Man

Use: Immortal Stone

Cut Man will throw a Rolling Cutter at you so jump over it. Then he will run towards you and when he's close enough, he will jump over you, so slide past him to avoid him. The Rolling Cutter will come back to Cut Man and then he will stand on the ground and throw it at you again, so keep avoiding it and slide past his jumps. Have a charged buster shot ready and then shoot him when he's on the ground, or if you jump while he's jumping, you can try to fire a charge shot at him from there. He will go down simple with eight Immortal Stones.


Use: Thunder Wheel

Forte will stand at one spot and then either shoot a purple plasma shot or blue laser-shaped shots at you, both at ground level and while jumping. Then he will run around the room for a while before he starts shooting again. Jump over him when he runs around, stand far away and launch a charged up shot at him when he's not jumping for easier aiming. He will down faster if you shoot five Thunder Wheels while jumping right above his head. Since he's running more than jumping, he will go down easy when shooting the Thunder Wheels.

Heat Man

Use: Puppet Bomb or Laser Wave

Heat Man will throw plenty of fire towers at you (between two and four fire towers with each throw), three times without any interruptions. Then he will burst in flames and jet across the room and repeat the fire tower attacks again. When he's throwing the fire towers, shoot a charged up buster shot to interrupt his attack, then jump over him when he's gonna jet across the room, then keep repeating your charge up attacks. If you're very close to him or have a good aim, you can defeat him fast with three Laser Waves. Shoot one Laser Wave, jump over his jet attack, then do this two more times and he will cool down for good.

Air Man

Use: Immortal Stone

Air Man will fill up the room with Air Shooters, and they will stand there for a while before they start flying towards you, blowing you away in the process. The Air Shooters leave some openings or spots for you to slide or jump past, so if you see opportunity, jump or slide past the Air Shooters and then shoot Air Man with a charged up buster shot. If you get hit by an Air Shooter, it will disappear from the screen. After he has thrown a couple of the Air Shooters, he will jump to the other side of room and then repeat his attack pattern again. He can also be beaten with Immortal Stone, but make sure you are close to him before using them, because the Air Shooters will block the Immortal Stones, so you will waste a lot of ammo that way. If you are close enough or when the Air Shooters aren't blocking your way, launch an Immortal Stone from a distance or use the barrier that surrounds Roll to deal damage. He will go down with six Immortal Stones.

Piano (3rd Time)

Use: Flare Shot

She will do the same things as last time. She will run around the room left and right, jumping and sliding, while she shoots big snow flakes at you. Wait for an opportunity to hit her while she's on the ground and then launch a charged up buster shot at her. She will go down fast with four Flare Shots. She will admit defeat and disappear from the room.


Use: Immortal Stone

Rockman will shoot charged up buster shots (without charging of course), and also regular buster shots, while he runs around, chasing you where you are. He will also jump very high up to the ceiling a couple of times, then he will run and shoot again. His shots are very fast, but if you have quick fingers, you can either jump or slide past his charged up buster shots. With regular attacks, this fight will be tough and long, so have some E cans ready just in case. With Immortal Stones, the fight will be a little bit easier.

Robot Master Warp Room

Wily Machine

Use: Laser Wave, Death Waltz or Charge Shot (on its back)

The Wily Machine will throw a couple of iron balls in a upward motion, and it will also shoot white-colored missiles. It will keep alternating between these two attacks while it moves back and forth. You have to jump and shoot it to deal some damage. You can deal a lot of damage if you use Laser Wave or Death Waltz. A neat trick to defeat the Wily Machine is to first take a hit, then quickly slide to the right side of the room, so that you will stand behind the Wily Machine. It will never be able to hit you when you stand there, and it's a great place to hit it with a strong attack. If you found the Arm Shot part somewhere in the game, it will be extra effective with this "stand-behind-the-machine" trick.

Wily Capsule

Use: Laser Wave

Wily Capsule will disappear and reappear in random spots of the room. When it reappears, it will have plenty of purple spheres spinning around it while it also spits out other spheres that falls down to the floor and trails to the left and right side of the room. When the Wily Capsule is close to the ground, you can hit it from a distance with a charged up buster shot (specially the Arm Shot part, if you found it). A better way to beat Wily Capsule, is to see where it's gonna reappear, then stand right under it and fire a Laser Wave. Since you are close to the Wily Capsule, the Laser Wave will hit it guaranteed. Don't waste too many Laser Waves though. If you miss a few of them, you might not have enough ammo to defeat the Wily Capsule with it alone, so make sure you have a few W cans to gain some ammo back. Make sure you have a good aim or align yourself so that you're in close range of the Wily Capsule, then use the Laser Wave. If you're quick enough, you can hit it with two Laser Waves before the Wily Capsule disappears. The Wily Capsule will be destroyed with roughly twelve Laser Waves. Congratulations, you beat the game!