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Rockmen R: Dr. Wily's Counterattack

DATA: Info | Passwords
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Roll Buster / ロールバスター
This is the main weapon you begin with. Three shots can show up on the screen at once, and it's good for dealing lots of damage to big enemies if you're good at button-mashing. It can be charged up and shoot two types of stronger shots: The first level is a small blue plasma shot, and the second level is a big and blue plasma shot that deals lots of damage to enemies and bosses alike.
Sonic Boomerang / ソニックブーメラン (Weasel Man)
This weapon fires boomerangs that is launched a long distance in front of Roll before they make a turn and later flies back to Roll. You can also hold either up or down so that the boomerangs can U-turn over or under Roll. This is useful for hitting enemies that are above or below Roll and you can launch more than four boomerangs on screen.
Death Waltz / デスワルツ (Waltz Man)
This weapon shoots sound waves right in front of Roll and it covers a big area. When it hits a wall, it will bounce back in case the attack missed the enemy and it can bounce off a wall a second time before it disappears. But unlike the Crush Noise from Rockman 7, it won't be absorbed by Roll so that she can shoot a bigger Death Waltz later.
Flare Shot / フレアショット (Flare Man)
This will be launched in a slow speed, but it will accelerate faster and faster the further it gets. It covers a wide area, but can be blocked by some enemy shields.
Bullet Strike / バレットストライク (Rapid Man)
This is a machine gun-type weapon that shoots forward in a fast speed. Three shots can show up on the screen and it doesn't use a lot of weapon energy.
Puppet Bomb / パペットボム (Puppet Man)
A teddy bear-shaped doll will be thrown a distance in front of Roll and a timer will tick down from three to zero. When it gets to zero, it will explode. It's useful against enemies that doesn't move around so much.
Thunder Wheel / サンダーホイール (Energy Man)
This weapon will shoot two electric flares that is launched behind and in front of Roll, and both the flares will trail on the floor and later crawl up any walls they get in contact with.
Laser Wave / レーザーウェーブ (Laser Man)
This weapon will launch a big laser that beams vertically right in front of you and more lasers will show up right in front of the last laser, trailing forward to hit enemies it gets in contact with. It leaves an opening between the lasers so that any enemy that is between the lasers won't be hit at all, so to be guaranteed to hit an enemy with the laser, either stand very close to them, or figure out where the lasers show up when you summon them.
Immortal Stone / イモータルストーン (Power Man)
This weapon will summon nine stones that rotates around Roll, and when you press the attack button, one of the stones will be launched right in front of Roll, hopefully hitting an enemy in the process. If any of the stones that surrounds Roll hit an enemy or a shield, those stones will disappear, and you gonna have to summon more stones if you want to protect yourself.
Rush Coil / ラッシュコイル
Rush will show up and you can bounce on a coil attached to his back to be able to jump super high, and hopefully reach a ladder or platform that's normally not reachable.
Rush Jet / ラッシュジェット
Rush will show up and transform into a hoverboard. Stand on Rush and you will be flying in a straight line forwards, while you can fly up or down by pressing those directions on the control pad. If you get hit by an enemy or a projectile, you will fall off Rush and be unable to jump back on him again.