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Seele Gewehr
[Screenshot] (x)
This is the weapon that you start with. 3 bullets can show up on the screen at once, and it's good for dealing lots of damage to big enemies if you're good at button-mashing. It can be charged up and shoot 2 types of stronger bullets: The first level is a round plasma shot, and the second level is a big and blue plasma shot that deals lots of damage to enemies and bosses alike.
Freuden Stachel
[Screenshot] (x)
This sprays out continous amount of ice spears in quick motion. It's rather useful against multiple enemies that needs a quick beating.
Zornes Bombe
[Screenshot] (x)
You lay it down on the floor and after a short while, it will create a cross-shaped explosion that hits enemies in range. It can also destroy some walls, so you can reach new places or pick up items hiding behind the walls. When you charge up this weapon, you will be able to place lots of bombs infront of you and this will cause a bigger explosion.
Klage Harnisch
[Screenshot] (x)
This will launch 3 tornados in 3 directions: Behind you, at the center of your position and infront of you. This is a good way to hit airborne enemies. Charge this weapon up, and you will be able to perform a devastating attack that covers you and hits all enemies that tries to reach you.
Lust Atem
[Screenshot] (x)
This lets you launch a fire shot in 8 different directions. You aim with the directional pad and then launch away. Charge it up to launch a even bigger fire shot.
Groll Schwert
[Screenshot] (x)
With this, you will launch a short-range slash attack infront of you. The damage is very high with this weapon. Charge it up and you'll be able to launch a slash wave that comes from the rear and then flies forward towards the enemies infront of you.
Die geplante Zukunft
[Screenshot] (x)
This weapon lets you freeze time, and the screen will turn slightly white and stars will blink all across the screen too. While this time-freeze keeps on going, you can shoot green crystal bullets with your hand. Pretty useful if you're in a pinch or against a few bosses. Sad to say, you can't switch weapons until time runs out or if you enter the weapon screen.
Liebes Sturm
[Screenshot] (x)
This will create a rain storm that attacks all enemies on the screen, and eventually kill weaker enemies as well. This works excellent against enemies that are too fast for you to deal with.
Geister Wand
[Screenshot] (x)
This surrounds you with stone barrier that circles around you and deals damage to anyone that comes close. Charge it up, and you'll be able to push this barrier away from you, so it can hit enemies that you can't reach so easily.
Silberflügel "Eins"
[Screenshot] (x)
This places a platform with wings under it, and you'll be able to ride on it and get elevated to new heights for a short while. You can place 3 of these platforms on screen at once. You can use it to create a staircase to reach new places or a ladder you can't reach in ordinary ways.
Silberflügel "Zwei"
[Screenshot] (x)
This places a winged board infront of you, and soon after that, it will fly forwards and speed up, and if you jump on it, will let you fly past a long line of dangerous pits and hazards, like spikes. The energy drains out pretty quick for this item, so use it only when it's needed, especially when flying through a long corridor.
[Screenshot] (x) (x)
Lilli the green pixie will be summoned, and she will fly towards enemies and deal damage to them. Each hit she does drains her energy, so make sure you only attack weaker enemies with her, or against bosses that has a weakness to her powers.