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Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel

DATA: Info

Game Details

Image (JP) (Freudia)
Developer [erka:es]
Publisher [erka:es]
Genre Action/Platformer
Players 1
Systems » PC Windows
Media » 1 CD (PC)
Save Backup » Password? (PC)

Release Notes

ローゼンクロイツスティレッテ フロイデンシュタッヘル
Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel
(JP)2009 Summer (PC)


A new edition to the ever popular Rosenkreuzstilette will be out soon, by the game developers [erks:es]. This new game will focus on the story of Freudia Neuwahl, from the past game.

These are the characters and weapons announced so far.

Freudia Neuwahl
Weapon: Freuden Stachel
Design: shizuku
Dolis Warmind
Weapon: Fessel Spirale
Design: Hichitsu-kun
Pamela Arwig
Weapon: Weiß Silber
Design: alphes
Eifer Skute
Weapon: Eifer Stachel
Design: zaku6
Schirach Fühler
Weapon: Licht Faust
Design: Daddy
Lecht & Rink Refraktia
Weapon: Falsche Gestalt

The characters from the first game are coming back too, with a new look and tougher than before.

Spiritia Rosenberg & Lilli
Weapon: Seele Gewehr
Zorne Zeppelin
Weapon: Zornes Bombe
Trauare Wrede
Weapon: Klage Harnisch
Weapon: Lust Atem
Grolla Seyfarth
Weapon: Groll Schwert
Sichte Meister
Weapon: Die geplante Zukunft
Liebea Palesch
Weapon: Liebes Sturm
Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle
Weapon: Geister Wand