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Rockman Rockman & MegaMan Powered UP Save Files
Rockman Rockman (Japanese) Promo Stages (Set 1)
Rockman Rockman (Japanese) Promo Stages (Set 2)
Rockman Rockman (Japanese) Palace (Hall of Fame) Stages
MegaMan Powered Up (American) Promo Stages
MegaMan Powered Up (European) Promo Stages

MegaMan Powered Up (US) Promo Stages

Select any of the Stages below, then make sure the files are in a folder specified below, then put the folder inside SAVEDATA of your PSP memorystick.

Name: With_Joe (US)
Releasedate: 2006.03.24
Folder Name: ULUS10091DL0029
Name: Game Informer Online (US)
Releasedate: 2006.03.24
Folder Name: ULUS10091DL0028
Name: Game Spy (US)
Releasedate: 2006.03.17
Folder Name: ULUS10091DL0006
Name: Ultimate Oilman Stage (US)
Releasedate: 2006.03.14
Folder Name: ULUS10091DL0000