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Beast Cross Information

The Greiga and Falzer Beast Outs are obtained in their respective game versions once you end up in the story scenario where you run into the Cyber Beasts. They are activated by pressing the Beast Button in the custom window during battle. Both forms enhance your abilities by adding +30 attack power to neutral-type chips, letting you charge neutral-type chips for a super attack, and causing Rockman to dash up to enemies when using chips. The Beast forms last for three turns, and these turns can be recovered by winning battles without using the power.

There also exist Navi Crosses in the games. These are gotten from the version-specific Link Navis (HeatMan, AquaMan, etc) after completing specific scenarios involving them. They can be selected from a list in the custom window during battle, and there is no limit on how many turns you may use them. Also, if a Cross is chosen during a Beast Out or vice versa, both forms will be combined to create a Cross Beast form. This combines the abilites and limitations of both forms, including the Beast Out's max three turn limit. On top of that, each Cross Beast form has a unique attack when a neutral-type chip is charged.

Lastly, Beastovers can be performed too, which is the same thing as the Dark Souls from previous games. This will take place when you try to Beast Out, but have 0 turns. For one turn, Rockman will become invincible, will go berserk and use chips and attacks on his own. Chip attack power is doubled, but after the turn is over, Rockman loses 1 HP from his max HP.

Crosses - Cyber Beast Greiga

Icon/Name Sprite Information

Heat Cross
Element: Fire
Ability: +50 to fire-type chips, +1 to regular buster.
Charge Shot (Fire Arm): 30+buster ATK x 20. A three panel long flamethrower.
Weakness: Takes double damage from water-type attacks.

Elec Cross
Element: Electric
Ability: +50 to electric-type chips, Neutral-type chips have paralysis effect.
Charge Shot (Thunderbolt): 40+buster ATK x 20. A long electric beam.
Weakness: Takes double damage from wood-type attacks.

Slash Cross
Element: Sword
Ability: +50 to sword-type chips, Charge sword-type chips for flying sword attack.
Charge Shot (Wide Slash): 60+buster ATK x 20. A slash that extends two spaces.
Weakness: Takes double damage from pierce-type attacks.

Killer Cross
Element: Cursor
Ability: +30 to cursor-type chips, even those which stop time. Gives neutral-type chips "sudden death" effect, that is the attacked enemy is deleted when its HP reaches 4. When used on Navis it causes a bug.
Charge Shot (Killer's Death Beam): 70+buster atk x 20. A laser beam that reaches to the end of the screen.
Weakness: Takes double damage from wind-type attacks.

Charge Cross
Element: Fire
Ability: While charging fire-type chips, the chip's attack power gradually increases to +100. The number of available chips in the custom window increases by 1 after each turn.
Charge Shot (Charge Dash): 30+buster ATK x 20. Rockman dashes forward three spaces, damaging enemies in his wake.
Weakness: Takes double damage from water type attacks.

Crosses - Cyber Beast Falzer

Icon/Name Sprite Information

Aqua Cross
Element: Water
Ability: With the use of every water-type chip, Rockman's HP is restored by 5% of his max HP. Water-type chips can be charged to double their attack power.
Charge Shot (Bubble Shot): 20+buster ATK x 10. A water shot that stikes an enemy and the space behind that enemy.
Weakness: Takes double damage from electric type attacks.

Tomahawk Cross
Element: Wood
Ability: Charge wood-type chips to double their attack power. Rockman is unaffected by status ailments.
Charge Shot (Tomahawk Swing): 40+buster ATK x 20. A 2x3 area slash.
Weakness: Takes double damage from fire-type attacks.

Tengu Cross
Element: Wind
Ability: Air Shoes. +10 to wind-type chips. B+back suction effect on enemies.
Charge Shot (Tengu Racket): 40+buster ATK x 20. Slashes with a racket that can push enemies back.
Weakness: Takes double damage from sword-type attacks.

Ground Cross
Element: Break
Ability: Super Armor. +10 to break-type chips. When break-type chips are charged and used, up to three stones will fall onto the enemy area.
Charge Shot (Ground Drill): 10+buster ATK x 10. Fires a multi-hit drill ahead two spaces.
Weakness: Takes double damage from cursor-type attacks.

Dust Cross
Element: Break
Ability: Adds the number of chips available to use in the custom window equal to the number you used in the previous turn. Only works once per battle. B+back suction effect on obstacles. Obstacles that hit enemies deal 200 damage.
Charge Shot (Scrap Reborn): 50+buster atk x 10. Fires a scrap creature at enemies.
Weakness: Takes double damage from cursor-type attacks.

Beast Outs - Cyber Beast Greiga

Icon/Name Sprite Information

Greiga Beast
Beast Buster: By holding down the buster button, Rockman unleashes a rapid fire burst.
Greiga Claw: Slash attack used when Rockman charges a neutral-type chip.
Ability: Super Armor

Heat Beast
Ability: Great Fire. 50+buster ATK x 30. Causes a seven space flame attack.

Elec Beast
Ability: Big Thunder. 40+buster ATK x 30. Causes a seven space electric attack.

Slash Beast
Ability: Slash X. 50+buster ATK x 30. Makes an X shaped slash, striking the middle panel twice.

Killer Beast
Ability: Killer Tail Arrow. Fires a piercing arrow from the air at the nearest enemy. Also causes a bug effect.

Charge Beast
Ability: Charge Bite. 70+buster ATK x 30. Launches a replica of Greiga's face straight forward.

Beast Outs - Cyber Beast Falzer

Icon/Name Sprite Information

Falzer Beast
Feather Shoot: Fires fast speed feathers that drift in multiple directions.
Falzer Claw: Slash attack used when Rockman charges a neutral-type chip.
Ability: Air Shoes, Float Shoes

Aqua Beast
Ability: Aqua Spiral. 10+buster ATK x 10. Creates a large water vortex that can hit enemies up to five times.

Tomahawk Beast
Ability: Wing Boomerang. 50+buster ATK x 20. Launches both wings to circle around the outer perimeter of the field.

Tengu Beast
Ability: Tengu Storm. 30+buster ATK x 20. Fires a tornado reaching out three spaces in a T shape. Can hit enemies up to three times.

Ground Beast
Ability: Drill Drive. 90+buster ATK x 20. Rushes forward with a drill, hitting each panel in its path twice. Rockman is also invincible during this.

Dust Beast
Ability: Dust Shooting. 80+buster ATK x 20. Rockman rises into the air and fires six scrap blocks onto random panels of the enemy field.