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Welcome to the Interviews section. The idea for this section was to have interviews with famous Game Developers and then list them here, but since that would be quite troublesome, we decided to start interview the fans of Rockman/Mega Man instead.

For starters, we begin to interview RM/MM fans that has done anything meaningful to the net community, whether if it's in the present time or somewhere in the past. Famous net people we had in mind are those that would usually run a RM/MM website, or has been helpful with art commissions, or pretty much anyone that's been helpful for a huge pack of RM/MM fans in all the years the net has been up.

Enjoy the interviews.

Eddie Lebron's Interview

Eddie Lebron, a director who plans on making a fan-made movie of the Blue Bomber, got interviewed by one of our staff members, Protoman Blues. Eddie has done lots of other great works in the past, and this new one will sure become a great success as well. Find out all the details about the Mega Man movie, and get a bit of insight on what sparked Eddie's interest into making the movie in the first place.
Posted on January 7th, 2008

Greetings all. I got a chance to interview Mr. Eddie Lebron, the director behind the fan made Live Action MegaMan movie. Well, first of all, I'd like to thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule to do this interview in the first place.
Not a problem! I find this enjoyable.
As do I. I must say, your project has me very intrigued. A Live Action MegaMan Movie. It's an idea I'm sure a lot of us have thought of, as well as possibly dreaded, but yet you actually have the guts to do it! Kudos to you, my friend. I'm curious as to the inspiration for this project?
Thanks for the kudos! Well, as a child, I was (and I guess still am) a hardcore gamer and I had this unearthly obsession with Megaman. I remember role playing Megaman with my friends and acting out various scenarios (I was always Megaman). I got into film making at a very early age so I spent years and years developing my crafts and building up my skills. I remember a few years ago seeing this Megaman fan made trailer and being very impressed but also taken back. The trailer was a good concept but, like most video game movie adaptations, it didn't follow the story correctly. Now realizing that a Megaman fan film could be possible, I vowed to one day do one that would be very faithful to the source material and also be a full film rather than a trailer. Back in 2006, after finishing production on another film, I talked to one actor about Megaman and that's when it dawned on me that I still wanted make it. After a few more projects in an effort to build my credibility, I knew now (2007) would be the time to do the film. The only thing that change is that this wouldn't just be a Megaman fan film, it would be THE Megaman fan film.
Believe me, I fully understand the unhealthy obsession with Mega Man, as I'm sure most of us at RPM do, hence why a lot of us are members here in the first place. From what I've read from the Casting Call, it seems that your keeping the story as faithful to the original game as possible, like keeping his original name as Rock, and not making it Mega like in the MegaMan: Powered Up game for the PSP. I'm curious if you've played that game, and if you've seen the "Quirky" personalities given to the Robot Masters? Do you plan to give the Robot Masters, in your movie, quirky personalities such as these, or do you have your own in mind for them?
I have indeed played Powered Up and used it as a great tool when writing the script. Although presented in a realistic matter, those personality are intact for every Robot Master. Elecman's cockiness, Iceman's split personality disorder (as I label it), and so on. As a director who makes mostly character driven films, characterization was a major aspect for me to be true to.
Ha-ha, awesome. As a fan of those quirky personalities, I've just gotta ask. Are you going to have BombMan yell out, BOMBS?
Actually, to a certain extent, he does!
Well, now you've got me more excited for the movie than I already was. Bravo. Getting back to the subject of Quirkiness, I trust you've seen the Ruby-Spears Mega Man Cartoon that was on in the 90's. Are any of the characters' personalities, like say Roll, Dr. Light, or Dr. Wily, based on them?
I went with the personalities of the characters as presented in the games and Japanese OVA's. The Ruby-Spears approach was fun but really over the top at points. The only thing I actually thought would work in the film is having Wily with the German accent since it's a more direct nod to who his character was based on (ala Einstein) but the accent is something that isn't a necessity for the film.
Yeah, as fun as the cartoon was, It's probably for the best. Speaking of the Robot Masters, are you going to include OilMan & TimeMan, or are you sticking with the original six?
The original six since they are more grounded in the Megaman mythology. Oilman and Timeman were interesting but too new of additions to be featured in the origin story of Megaman.
Just a quick, fanboy-ish question, but you're not putting ProtoMan in your movie, are you?
Since the get go, he's been in the film since I felt he was that important of a character to have.
I like the way you think, good sir! He might be THE most important character in all of Mega Man. Okay, joking and fanboyism aside, one of the reasons why I think a lot of us are always sceptical about the thought of a Live-Action Mega Man movie is the look of it, meaning the costumes, the scenery, and other such things that work in Video Games and Cartoons. Could you tell us how you are going about such issues?
First off, don't think that Megaman is wearing a blue spandex suit!
If you've seen some of my newer films, I love making poetic, beautiful images. As for the look of the film, I will do my damnedest to have the look be stunning and visually wonderful. As for the costumes, I wanted costumes simple yet realistic. Megaman's armor was done in a practical matter so that it served its purpose while still looking good. The suit will be modded up with lights and have the same color palette as the source material. We were somewhat inspired by the Megaman X costume which was armor plated. As for the Robot Masters, we were more concerned with only 3 of the costumes since 3 of the bots will be complete CGI so they can look dead on to there video game counterparts. I can safely say the costumes will look great on screen and be very practical yet honorable.
That's great to hear, as the thought of Blue Spandex did cross my mind. Not a very pleasant thought either. As for your other films, I haven't seen them yet, as this project was honestly the first I've ever heard of your production company. I was actually hoping you could tell us more about your production company and some of your previous films.
Although I have been making films for many, many years, what I consider my first truly professional production was a fan film entitled "Ghostbusters: Generation". It was shot in 2006 and yet has been released due to post-production completions. The preview screenings have been nothing but positive despite the poor reception of the trailer. Since then, I completed my first original feature entitled "Clear" which received many many good reviews and a short entitled "Loveless" which was, by far, the best film I've ever made. The reviews for that short blew my mind. Viewers, both professional and unprofessional, stated the films as "brilliant", "amazing"," emotional powerful" and "beautifully shot". frankly, I implore every MM fan to look at the trailer for Clear and the short of Loveless so they can get a feel for my styles. Ghostbusters: Generation doesn't really define my style since i was trying to mimic someone else's style (ala Ivan Reitman). I remain proud of every one of my films for one reason or another since they represent a huge leap in my career. Film info can be seen at my site, www.eddielebron.com.
I will definitely be giving them a look, I can tell you that. How did you get into film making, and how long have you been doing it? Also, I'm curious as to your favorite movies. Judging by the fan film, I'm gonna say Ghostbusters is up there, perhaps?
My mind has alway been very active and visual. Film making was the only art form that feel like it would allow me to express myself. I pick up my first camera in 1998 and I never looked. Film making is my whole existence. Ghostbusters is definitely up there but my favorite movie of all time is actually Blade Runner. Other favorites include Ghostbusters, Superman: the Movie, Oldboy, and Jackie Chan's Police Story. Hmmm, perhaps Casshern as well.
Blade Runner is up in my top 10 as well. I do consider it the best Sci-Fi movie of all time. Did you go and see it at the Ziegfeld during that two week run where they played the Final Cut. I did, and it was incredible. Also, did you pick up the sweet new Blade Runner Collectors Edition that just came out on Dec. 18th?
Yes and yes. Amazing seeing it on the big screen! I actually picked up the DVD just recently. I always go to that movie when I need inspiration. That, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell.
You know, now I have this image of ProtoMan saying, "I've....seen things you people wouldn't believe to be true..." before he dies. Ha-ha, but anyway, now that I know more about your movie fan-dom, which I must say you have excellent taste in, I'd like to know more about your Mega Man fan-dom. What was the first MegaMan game you ever played?
The first was probably 3 or 4. I have no favorite since each game partakes to whatever mood I'm in. I will constantly just cycle through the whole series from Megaman 1 to X3 since each games has that charm that pleases me!
Have you played all of them?
I have played them all. Although as of X5, I cant keep track. I constantly play the older games since they are by far the better in the history of Megaman.
I'm more of a Classic Series fan myself as well. Now, another thing I'm curious about is the music of your film. Do you have any kind of soundtrack or musical score planned for your film?
I currently have the composer picked for the film. I want orchestrations of all the major themes from the first game. In an odd decision, I also want Wily's theme from Megaman 2 to be in the film as well as the Opening Theme of the second game. I'm getting emails from various talented Video Game cover bands who want to be involved so I will definition have a lot of fun with the film's music. Being a fan of Japanese media, also expect me to incorporate Eurobeat, Ayumi Hamasaki, and the such!
Wow. That's fantastic, and really good to hear about the orchestrations. Dr. Wily's Castle theme from MegaMan 2 is probably one of the most famous Video Game songs in the industry, so I can understand you wanting to have it in your film as well. Same with the Opening of MegaMan 2. You'll get no complaints from me, as MegaMan 2 is my personal favorite MegaMan game. I hope that you are not taking out the Wily Castle theme from MegaMan 1 though, as I've always liked that theme as well.
As scoring begins, we will know exactly what themes will be used so you never know!
Right. I don't suppose you could let us know some of the Cover Bands that have expressed interest, or would that break confidentiality issues?
As of now, I'm pretty much discussing with them to see how they can contribute so once some of these groups are locked in, I will updated the fans!
Sweet. I'm sure we'd all appreciate that. How long are you planning to make the movie?
The film will be around 80-90 minutes long so it will be a nice chunk of film!
Very nice. According to the Casting Call, there are only 15 days of Shooting time. Do you think 15 Days is enough time to get all the footage you need?
Absolutely! Both features I've done we're shot in less than 12 days actually. I'm a very efficient shooter plus on independent productions, there are certain hassles that you can bypass that would take up time. As long and me and the actors are 100% prepared for a day of shooting, we shall be fine.
Heh, any plans for some Extra "Bloopers" footage?
When the film is released, expect the site to have tons and tons of special features such as bloopers. In fact, expect video diaries as soon as the end of the month as I get involved in the casting process, costume construction, and preparation for Feb. 10th, the first day of shooting.
I hope that you keep updating RPM on your progress with the movie. How long do you think it will take before everything is complete?
We are busting our humps for a Christmas 2008 release but don't hold me to that! However expect teasers, stills, and trailers within the next few months. Also be sure to see a major site update in 2 weeks when the final cast is announced!
Awesome. Best of luck with the X-Mas 08 release and best of luck to you and your staff as well. Well, I think that's about all the questions I can think of to ask at the moment, other than the classic RPM Fan-dom questions like WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOORRRRRAAGH? Before we wrap things up here, is there anything you'd like to say to the MegaMan Online Community out there?
I just want the fan community to know I'm doing this for them. I don't want to ruin Megaman, I'm not making this film for the wrong reasons, and my primary goal is to give the Megaman fan community the type of live action Megaman film Hollywood would be, frankly, too misguided to create. I love Megaman and this game deserves a faithful film of quality. In short, I will not let the fans down!
Glad to hear it. Honestly, after this interview I'm even more anxious and excited to see this film than I was before. You seem very dedicated to this film and the Blue Bomber himself, and on behalf of RPM and all the MegaMan sites and fans out there, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to talk with me about it and letting us all know about your Film for Everlasting Peace. Again, best of luck with everything and I look forward to seeing updates on your site.
Thank you as well!

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