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Welcome to the Interviews section. The idea for this section was to have interviews with famous Game Developers and then list them here, but since that would be quite troublesome, we decided to start interview the fans of Rockman/Mega Man instead.

For starters, we begin to interview RM/MM fans that has done anything meaningful to the net community, whether if it's in the present time or somewhere in the past. Famous net people we had in mind are those that would usually run a RM/MM website, or has been helpful with art commissions, or pretty much anyone that's been helpful for a huge pack of RM/MM fans in all the years the net has been up.

Enjoy the interviews.

Maqqy's Interview

Maqqy, the spunky girl with orange hair and blue armor, has been in the MM community for a long while now, showcasing her artistic talents in her own Hunter Hide Out, which also hosts the Mega Man Bathing Suit Contest. Find out who Maqqy is and why everyone loves her work so much.
Posted on November 9th, 2006

It's great to finally having a chat with a gorgeous and fine-looking dish such as yourself, Maqqy.
Aw, now you're just flattering me. Please continue!
Now, simply put, where do you currently live and what's your age and date of birth?
Well, right now I'm parked in Dayton, Ohio. I'm currently 24 years old, born on April 16th 1982 at around 1:42pm.
Sounds very close to my age there... even though you're months older than me *ahem* moving on... when did first have interest in Mega Man and when did you encounter his games?
Wow. It's been awhile. I think the first time I held a Mega Man game was when I was in 2nd grade, about 8 years old about. My uncle had bought me the game Mega Man 2, despight the fact that I never asked for it and had never even heard of it. It took me awhile, but I ended up playing the game. However, my skills as a gamer were severly lacking, and I never even came close to beating a single boss.

For several years, the game sat in a pile of unloved games, unti, I was about 13 or 14 or so. I know it was around 1995, and I was visiting an Aunt. Her son had a Super Nintendo, and I found a copy of Mega Man X. Like everyone, I thought it was a roman numeral. So I played it, and got hooked. Not long after that, we got a computer, and I began my hunt for other fans. I wasn't as into it then as I was now, but it was a start.
When did you join the MM community the first time, if you have any memories of that, and what websites did you visit first?
The first couple pages I visited don't exist anymore, but I do remember going to Red Draco's page and getting into it. What really drew me in though was the MMX-based RPG called Freelance Reploids: Mercs for Hire. It's actually where Maq was truely born.

Beforehand, she'd been a cast-off type character that I really didn't care for. She was human, blonde hair, blue eyes, and kinda had a slapped-together feel to her. When I joined the FR though, she took the form people have come to know her by, as an orange-haired, blue-amored, spunky girl.
We all love the orange and blue mix. <3 *ahem* Are you active on other sites right now, or are you more occupied and busy with your Hunter Hide Out?
Well, I've joined several forums on other sites over the years, but to be honest, I really don't read through them. Mostly I stick to MHHO. It's not that I don't want to be a part of the rest of the community, it's just between my 2 webpages, webcomic, and other assorted responsibilities, I just don't have time.
Speaking of the Hunter Hide Out, there's alot of artworks, contests and other interesting content in it. Will artworks keep being the main aspect, or are you gonna have some more stuff on it?
Actually, the artwork has been moved to it's own site now, called MHHO Studios. I consider it to be on a lower priority to the main page. In truth, I'm slowly trying to make MHHO more an info page. I recently took on Zepher, from my forums, to help me out. He's actually the first person who's ever had anything to do with the page directly. We're hoping for more game reviews and walkthroughs and such. I don't know if we'll go into being a full-blown news page, but I wouldn't object to it. We'd probably need more fan interaction if we were to try, though.
I have to admit myself, fan interaction is the way to go these days. Just simple posting news and walkthroughs won't cut it. Letting the fans be a part of submitting content makes a webpage grow more... it just takes time and make sure to be very dedicated to your fellow friends and fans, and eventually, you'll have a well-established community of your own right there. >w<;
That's what I'm hoping for. Although, a part of me feels like this goes against what I've built. MHHO has always been mine, and mine alone. I've built it all with wordpad since the begining, and I know each word and image personally. To know that others will have a hand in it's development gives me mixed feelings to say the least.
Oh well, I don't blame ya. I too wanted a page of my own, but I just decided to let everyone get some piece of the action.... oh darn, I'm side-tracking here... the Mega Man Bathing Suit Contest. It truly demonstrates alot of artists talents in a summer setting. What made you decide to host a contest like this to begin with?
Well, mostly it was based on a goofy kind of whim. I wanted to see more pictures of Mega Man characters in swimsuits, and I felt the best way to go about that was to host a contest. I really didn't expect much to come of it. Definatly not to what it's become now!
Sweet. It's definately quite good-looking and humorous at the same time. There's something that caters to anyone, no matter the gender. XD
Yeah. I have to say though, the idea of two different catagories was on purpose. I hate contests that only cater to people who have extreme talent. There are people out there with great ideas and limited skills to express them. I wanted to be sure everyone could get in on the action, no matter what their skill level. I think that more then anything made it so popular.
How does commissions and other shop-related business go? Do you earn enough to survive on this planet? :O
*laughs* Not hardly. Until recently, when I advertised the want for commissions, I got nothing. I think maybe I've had two or three commissions since it opened. As for the shop, it's very unloved. It's more a place to see what's going to be available at conventions I attend. Only two people have ever ordered anything.

I just need to spend more time developing it, and it'll probably take off. Deviant art is apperantly where I need to advertise. One simple plee for commission there, and suddenly I'm swamped. I've got about 5 on my lap right now.
I hope it goes well in the future though... incase I keep going one-sided here, I have to ask, are you interested in other game/anime series than Mega Man?
Well, believe it or not, I don't really play video games. Never have. It was more an activity for me when there was nothing else to do. The only other series I really liked was Super Mario Brothers. Right now, I'm trying to play my way through Mario Sunshine, but I think it's a bit too difficult for me. Where's the Game Genie when you need it?
I normally don't say this, but... bad girl! Game Genies are bad! But I do understand that not everyone is a gamer... at least you got awesome artistic skills, so I'll let that one slip... so I guess that I can't even ask you what your favorite Mega Man game is?
Well, right now it's Command Mission, since it's the first (yes first!) game I've ever been able to beat without the use of any kind of cheats. I think I've spent over 100 hours just playing it over and over again.

However, as far as favorites go, I'd have to say Mega Man 2 is still high on the list. It was my first, and I still love it to death.
Sweet. Well, that ends our interview session. I hope to see you again soon. And do try to play some Legend of Zelda too while you're about to get into some Nintendo gaming again. :)
XD The disembodied hands that grab you scare me too much.
Don't worry. Just run away when you hear the sound and the shadow falling over you and you'll do just fine.
Okay. Well thank you Vixy.
No thank you. It was a pleasure to finally talk to you.
Are we out of interview mode yet?
...now we are. >_>;

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