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Welcome to the Interviews section. The idea for this section was to have interviews with famous Game Developers and then list them here, but since that would be quite troublesome, we decided to start interview the fans of Rockman/Mega Man instead.

For starters, we begin to interview RM/MM fans that has done anything meaningful to the net community, whether if it's in the present time or somewhere in the past. Famous net people we had in mind are those that would usually run a RM/MM website, or has been helpful with art commissions, or pretty much anyone that's been helpful for a huge pack of RM/MM fans in all the years the net has been up.

Enjoy the interviews.

Satoryu's Interview

Satoryu, a forum member of this site, and also a speedrunner on a few MegaMan games on Speed Demos Archive, requested an interview about his accomplishments. With such amazing speed and well-planned strategies, who would turn down such an offer? The story about Satoryu entering the speedrun community begins here and now.
Posted on October 16th, 2005

Let's begin with me asking you where you're currently situated and what your birthdate is?
I live in Elmont, Long Island, New York, U.S.A. and I was born on February 27, 1988.
How long time have you been playing MegaMan games? How has your life with MegaMan been like the moment you got into playing his games?
To be honest, I haven't played a MegaMan game until really late. I think my first was X6. My actual start into MegaMan fandom was the old cartoon. And it just escalated into what I am today. I live, breathe, and sleep MegaMan.
That's good to hear *smiles*... So, When did you join the Internet Community of MegaMan? And did you meet some interesting net people during this time?
Hmm, I think my first forray into the internet was something like 8 years ago. That's a rough estimate. I joined the MegaMan internet community like most people probably did. Searching for MegaMan sites on Google or something like that. I'm not super-active in it, though. I'm mostly concentrated in the speed running community. There I've talked with some of the people who have run MM games. Mike Uyama, Suzaku, and Zianchu are who I can think of.
That's still a great community... anyways, I see that you excel at the MegaMan X series games, even though you have videos of other games too. Is the X series the first-hand choice for you or do you favor the other games of MegaMan equally as well?
I'd say the X series is my favorite division of MegaMan games. But I also like the Zero series because it's so similar. and I have an aquired taste for the classic MegaMan games. but only some of them. Legends I haven't played, but I'd like to. and I do not like Battle Network/EXE at all.
I'm not a fan of EXE either... *smiles* Moving on, I've observed your MegaMan X8 run a bit, back when you beat it at roughly 3 hours, and then you managed to get 2 hours and 30 minutes on the next run. What kind of improvements did you make to earn that time on your second run?
I optimized my route entirely. I changed the order of fighting the Mavericks and gathering items. I learned some little techniques and time savers along the way, such as using the double attack immediately after the Mavericks use their hyper mode attacks. and there was some improved performance overall. I'm really happy with the results I got.
What kind of procedures do you make when you send in videos to Speed Demos Archive? Are you sending the tapes to a person or do you encode them yourself? Try to elaborate step-by-step as to what you do to have your videos uploaded to the internet.
Well, first off I record the runs, which is the hard part. After I complete it, I watch it over to see if there were any recording problems, and to write up my comments. Then I mail the tape(s) to Nate to capture them. Depending on how much work he has, the run(s) would be captured in anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. After Nate captures, he sends the videos to Radix so he could verify them. Nate would then send the tapes back to me. (I don't feel like getting a new blank tape every time. it would end up leaving me broke. Plus, I'm lazy...) Radix would then upload them, and then the runs are ready to watch.
Since your X8 run was a 100% Items run, I bet it was essential for you to use the Infinite Metal Trick, even though it's classed as cheating for some people and that it doesn't work on the Import version, which should really make it obsolete. What gave you the encouragement to use the Trick in your runs?
Getting all that money on my own would take WAY too much time. Radix said it wasn't against the rules at SDA, so I went along and did it. (I notice after my last run that the Navigators don't count towards your percentage, so that's a slight improvement for next time.) If someone were to do a run on the jap version, 100% probably wouldn't be an option unless some new trick is found. Any% is still possible though.
In that case, I'd love to see a Hard New Game run of the game someday, at which you cruise through the game in the fastest time possible, not using the Infinite Metal Trick, but I take it that it's a hard thing to do for the moment?
Yeah, that would be really hard. Plus, I've swore not to make any more runs for X8. I've played that game so much, I probably know it like the back of my hand. If someone else wants to try making a run of X8, be my guest. And good luck with it.
Don't worry, I will... When you played through MegaMan X5 and MegaMan 2: The Power Fighters, how long time did you train yourself on each game to get a fast time on those games?
For X5, I played through the game normally a few times to get a feel for it. During which, I'd pick out things that would be good to do during a speed run. Then I'd play though again trying different things out. It's basically trial and error. If something doesn't work, I drop it and try something else. To ensure I get the best time possible, I saved after each stage in my current run. My first one was only in three parts, so that's one reason why that time was so much longer. I'd then get tips from other players, and use them.

For TPF, I didn't play the game as much as I did X5. Of course, I had X5 before MMAC. When I did play the arcade games, I'd figure out who was weak against what and who would be best to fight first. That of course failed in my run, but I still improved my old time by 5 minutes. It was a bit of dumb luck I guess.

That's usually what makes a successful run. Planning, practice, patience, and a pinch of luck. :P
Hmm... I think you pretty much answered this already, but If you can, can you give a few pointers to encourage other players to speedrun on MegaMan, Rockman or any other games for that matter?
Well, I'd say first you'd have to like the game if you're going to run it. I'm not a huge fan of X5, but I still like it to an extent. You also have to be prepared to fail a lot. Usually, one screw up can ruin a run. If it happens, just keep your cool and try again. If you get frusturated, stop playing for a while. Take a nap, watch TV, get your mind off the run. Then the next time you play, you'll play much better.

If you want to run a game, I say go ahead and give it a shot. SDA has a big shortage of classic MM games. I'd really like to see one of MM5,7,or 8. We're also way overdue for an X2 run. Uyama is working on it, but he's really busy. Plus, you get your name on something. It's a nice feeling to see your work on the internet. Feedback is good, too. (although I wouldn't know) :(
Lastly, What's your favorite MegaMan game?
Overall, probably X8, because that's the one I've played the most. I like all the other MMX games as well. Except for X7 of course. Classic wise, I'd say the arcades, 2,3,and 5. Zero 3 and 4 are great too. And I'm positive I'll love Rockman Rockman and IHX!
Yea, they'll be awesome once they come out... It's been great talking with you, Satoryu, and maybe we can chat again in a very close future?
You bet.

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