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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Mega Man Anniversary Collection

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Unlockable Item How to get?
Atomic Planet Entertainment Credits Defeat Elec Man in MM1
Picture Set 1 Defeat Metal Man in MM2
Picture Set 2 Defeat Skull Man in MM4
Picture Set 3 Beat MM8
Remixed Music "Homage to Mega Man" Defeat Crash Man in MM2
Remixed Music "Wily vs Bass" Defeat Drill Man in MM4
Remixed Music "Plant Man" Defeat Plant Man in MM6
Remixed Music "Select Jungle" Defeat Slash Man in MM7
Remixed Music "Mega Man's Drum and Bass" Defeat Clown Man in MM8
Remixed Music "Wily's Revenge" Beat MM2
Remixed Music "Proto Man" Beat MM4
Remixed Music "Mega Man Radio Cut" Beat MM7
Mega Man: The Power Battle Defeat Needle Man in MM3
Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters Defeat Junk Man in MM7
GCN: G4TV Interview/Retrospective
PS2: Ruby Spear's Mega Man episode "The Beginning"
XB: MegaMan NT Warrior episode "Jack in! Mega Man!"
Defeat Astro Man in MM8