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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle in History!!

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Mode Select (Complete Works)

Original Mode
This mode is the unaltered version of the original NES game. Nothing is changed from the original NES game. Everything remains intact in this mode.
Navi Mode
This mode is the altered (Remake) version of the original NES game. Life and weapon meters has changed their looks, Beat/Eddie gives you directions and you also have a helper that gives you tips when you push the select button during gameplay.
Dr. Right Laboratory
All enemy data is stored in here. Whenever you kill an enemy or a boss, you'll be able to view it in the lab. Artworks are also viewable in here, after meeting certain criterias during gameplay. Dr. Right also offers equippable parts for Rockman depending on how much Battle Data you've collected (These parts can only be used in Navi Mode).
You find the options in here. You can change the difficulty and the sound of the game. You can also change button settings and Save/Load your game.
You can download a new fresh Pocketstation data to your Pocketstation by entering this mode. You must have a Pocketstation ready and plugged to your Playstation before you can make your new data.
Sound Room
Every single music in the game is inside this Soundroom. Just enter this room, select a music with the Control Pad and press Circle to listen to it.
Mission Mode
4 different missions (1 at a time) is offered to you in this Mode. These missions vary between rushing through a stage in the fastest time, beating all Castle Guardian Bosses in the fastest time or beating all 8 Robot Masters in the fastest time. When a mission is beaten, your best time record on that mission will be saved and can be viewable at anytime.