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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 6: The Greatest Battle in History!!

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Unlockables (Complete Works)

Mission Mode
4 different missions (1 at a time) is offered to you in this Mode. These missions vary between rushing through a stage in the fastest time, beating all Castle Guardian Bosses in the fastest time or beating all 8 Robot Masters in the fastest time. When a mission is beaten, your best time record on that mission will be saved and can be viewable at anytime.

How to get it?
Beat Navi Mode on Normal.
Hard Difficulty
The Hard Difficulty is different from the Normal Difficulty. The Life/Weapon meters have gray colored barriers surrounding them, and enemies deal 1.25 times more damage than normal. On top of that, not a single powerup can be found/gotten when you play this difficulty. Not even extralives or energy pellets.

How to get it?
Beat Original Mode on Normal.
No Helmet Rockman
When you play the game, you will see Rockman's hair instead of helmet when you play the game. This works only in Navi Mode.

How to get it?
Hold down R2 before selecting Navi Mode.

Sound Room (Complete Works)

Sound Room
Every single music in the game is inside this Soundroom. Just enter this room, select a music with the Control Pad and press Circle to listen to it.

How to get it?
Beat Mission Mode.

Power Ups (Complete Works)

In Navi Mode, you can equip power ups for Rockman that makes him stronger, faster, etc. You can only equip 2 power ups at a time though. To get these power ups, you need to collect Battle Data from enemies. The more Battle Data you collect the more power ups you unlock.

There exists a total of 8 power ups in the game.

Name BattleData Description
Hyper Jump
20 This makes Rockman jump super high.
Auto Charge
40 Rockman's buster charges up automatically.
Energy Saver
80 The energy of weapons is doubled.
Hyper Shot
160 Rockman's standard shots are faster.
Hyper Charge Shot
320 Rockman's charged shot is faster.
Power Shot
640 Rockman's shots deals more damage.
Hyper Charge
1000 Rockman can charge his buster insanely fast.
Speed Up
2000 Rockman's movement speed is doubled, thus he runs faster.

Illustrations (Complete Works)

Picture How to get it?
You have this at start.
Beat Original Mode on Easy.
Beat Navi Mode on Easy.
Beat Original Mode on Normal.
Beat Navi Mode on Normal.
Beat Original Mode on Hard.
Beat Navi Mode on Hard.
Beat Mission Mode.
Fill up the Zako (enemy) Database complete with information.
Fill up the Boss Database complete with information.