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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 8: Metal Heroes

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Dr. Right's Lab

Welcome to the lab, Rock!

In here, you'll be able to exchange bolts you found during you trip into a variety of different equipment parts that the doctor has built. You can also save your game in here. Not all the parts will be available right from the get-go though, but once you beat at least 4 Robot Master stages, the rest of the list will be filled.

Unfortunately, you can only equip 8 different parts in this game, and you can't afford all of them anyways, since the max stock of bolts you can carry and find is 40. Make sure that you save your game first before you pick the parts you want.

Choose wisely and then give that Dr. Wily some serious ass-whoppin' from me, OK Rock?

Power Up Parts

Name Description
Power Shield
6 You won't get knocked back when you've been hit. No recoil whatsoever.
Spare Extra
6 You will start with 4 lives instead of 2.
Shooting Parts
6 You may fire up to 5 shots on screen.
Energy Balancer
5 This will refill weapons while they're not equipped.
Exit Parts
4 You may exit any stage you've already beaten with this.
Laser Shot
5 Your charge shot will fire a giant enemy-piercing laser.
Arrow Shot
5 Your charge shot will fire an arrow that splits if it hits an object.
Auto Shoot
5 Charge shots are disabled, as your buster will start auto-firing instead.
Step Booster
5 You can climb ladders faster.
Energy Saver
6 This will increase the number of times a weapon may be used.
Super Recover
5 Refill items will be worth more energy than usuall.
Spare Charger
4 This will give you a spare extra life when in need of it.
Hyper Slider
5 You'll be able to slide faster.
Hi Speed Charge
7 Your buster will charge up much faster. Very useful!
Rapid Parts
6 3 shots will be shot with one button press.
Boost Parts
5 Your shots will be blue and fly faster on-screen.
4 When you collect Life refills while your energy is full, it will be converted to weapon refill instead.