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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 9: The Revival of Ambition!!

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GUIDE: Items


Welcome, Rock! In here, you'll be able to exchange bolts you found during you trip to a bunch of different items. Select which items you want, then get out there and clear Doctor Light's name, OK Rock?

Item Description
1UP 20 This will give Rock an extra chance (also known as extra life).
Energy Can
30 This tank will filled up Rock's health to max. Very useful in tight situations, like fighting against a boss.
Mystery Can
50 This tank will fill up the energy of every weapon, as well as Rock's health to max. Also, something mysterious will happen, but what could that be? On the occasions that Rock has stumbled across this item, that mystery is that Rock would get a 1UP. The mystery might be different in this game, but only one way to find out.
Eddie Call
50 In a stage, Eddie will show up once and give you a free item, but the item is random. After that, you have to go back and buy this from the shop to call Eddie to a stage again.
Beat Call
50 If Rock falls down a pit, Beat will swoop down and rescue him and carry him around for a short while, enough time to try and land on a safe spot. But you only have one chance, so be careful and don't be so reckless, OK?
Energy Balancer
100 When picking up a weapon refill, it will allocate energy to the weapons that needs it.
Guard Up
100 When Rock is injured, he will only recieve half the damage. Very useful!
Shock Guard
50 If Rock touches spikes, he'll be protected for a short while, so it's a good times like this to use it to reach a safe spot somewhere. But you only have one chance, so be careful and don't be so reckless, OK?
200 "Let me show you my outfit!" Roll changes her outfit to the Rockman 8 style.
Hairstyle Book
20 "Boys are also fashionable, once in a while!" This item lets Rock take off his helmet and roam around in the game with his hair all stylishly fashionably exposed, just like in the Complete Works series.