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CD Database

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Doctor Right Numbers (RM1)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM2)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM3)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM4)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM5)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM6)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM7)
Doctor Wily Numbers (RM8)
Rockman Killer Numbers
Space Ruler Numbers
Mega World Numbers
KinG Numbers


The CD Database stores information found inside sparkling CDs found through-out the stages in the game. Some are easy to pick up and some are not. Most CDs only require you to just double-jump to them and reach them from a high spot (Forte Only), others require you to dig them up with the Rush Search (Rockman Only).

You will also need 2 CD Scan Items bought from Rightot's Item Shop. The first item lets Roll scan for the amount of CDs available in a stage when talking to her on the Transmitter, and the second item makes CDs found behind walls or in the ground easier to spot thanks to the CD sparkles that shows up in 2 seconds at those spots. Another recommended item to get CDs in high spots is the Gospel Adaptor Unit which lets Forte fly to VERY high spots normally not reachable.

Search high and search low. Keep these small tips in mind when searching for the CDs and you'll get all 100 sooner than you think.