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Rockman & Forte

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Rightot's Shop

This shows all the power up parts that both Rockman and Forte can get from Rightot's Shop in exchange for a specific number of bolts. All these parts won't show up right away though. You'll begin to see the first 6 parts for each character in the shop. Beat about half the set of Robot Masters in the game to get another set of 6 parts showing up. The last set shows up when more Robot Masters has been beaten.

Some of these parts are equipped automatically once bought. Others requires you to enter your subscreen and equip them manually. You can only equip one of these manual parts at a time though. If you're out searching for CDs, the Transciever, CD Finder, CD Counter, Rush Search and Gospel Boost are all essential parts you need for your search.

Name Player Description
Spare Body
50 This will grant you a 1-UP (extra life). However, 1-UPs cannot be saved to your savefile.
Energy Balancer
120 This will refill weapons while they're not equipped.
Exit Parts
50 You may exit any stage you've already beaten with this.
Shock Guard
10 You will be allowed to step on spikes one time without dying and the effect last only for a while. After that, you need to get a new one.
100 When you're in the subscreen, you'll be able to contact Roll for some hints.
Item Presenter
60 A surprise shell appears on a stage, containing an item. It only shows up once.
Enemy Analyzer
50 This will let Roll scan for enemy and boss weaknesses.
Super Recover
200 Refill items will be worth more energy than usual.
Counter Attacker
200 If your life energy is too low, your buster shots will be twice as powerful.
Auto Charger
50 Rockman will auto-charge his buster whenever he's not using it.
Hi Speed Dash
100 This lets Forte dash a bit further and give him cool spark effects.
150 This will summon Eddie, who will teleport in, drop some random energy refills, and then leave.
Step Booster
100 Forte can climb ladders faster.
Rush Search
100 This will allow Rush to show up and dig up CDs or any other items in the ground. The search is canceled once he gets damaged.
Gospel Boost
200 This is Forte's Super Armor, which lets Gospel morph with Forte and give him flying power as long as energy is available.
Energy Saver
200 This will increase the number of times a weapon may be used.
Damage Absorber
300 Whenever you recieve damage, it will be converted into weapon refills.
Super Armor
300 This will reduce damage inflicted on you.
Auto Recover
450 When Rockman stands still, he'll gradually recover lost energy.
Super Buster
300 This makes Forte's shots bigger and more powerful. Recommended!
Hi Speed Charge
150 Rockman's buster will charge up much faster. Very useful!
Hyper Buster
300 This makes Forte's shots smaller and lets them travel through walls, ceilings and floors. Not so powerful though.
300 Beat flies in and grants you a blue sphere shield and then he leaves. Once the Beat energy is gone, so is the shield.
CD Counter
100 Roll will tell you the number of CDs that are left in a stage.
CD Finder
300 Buried CDs will sparkle for a brief moment, indicating where you should dig for them.