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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future

DATA: Info
GUIDE: Dr. Right's Lab

Dr. Right's Lab

This shows all the power up parts that both Rockman and Forte can get from Dr. Right's laboratory in exchange for some bolts.

[1] in the description means that the item can only be used one time.

Player Code
Rockman can use that item.
Forte can use that item.

Name Player Description
Spare Body
200 Gives Rockman another life.
Spare Body
200 Gives Forte another life.
Exit Parts
50 You may exit any stage you've already beaten with this. [1]
Rush Coil
100 This gives Rockman the ability to summon Rush in his Coil mode. Rush won't stay around for long though. [1]
Gospel Boost
200 This is Forte's Super Armor, which lets Gospel morph with Forte and give him flying power. The combination will not last long though. [1]
200 This allows Rockman to summon Tango. Tango will bounce around damaging enemies, and will last for a single room. [1]
Super Buster
300 This improves Forte's buster by increasing the strength.
Hyper Buster
300 This improves Forte's buster by allowing its shots to pass through walls.
300 Rockman will summon Beat as a shield, giving Rockman invincibility and flying around him giving damage to close enemies. After a short time, Beat will fly away. [1]
Energy Balancer
150 This will refill weapons while they're not equipped.
Weapon Charge
300 Increases the amount of restored energy upon picking up an energy item. [1]
Energy Saver
150 The energy cost of special weapons is reduced.
Super Recover
200 Refill items will be worth more energy than usual. [1]
Item Presenter
50 Surprise shells will appear on a stage, and if you shoot them, they will give you an item. If you die or exit a stage, they will disappear. [1]
150 Eddie will show up and give you random item. [1]
150 Reggae will show up and give you random item. [1]
Shock Guard
20 You will be allowed to step on spikes one time without dying and the effect last only for a while. You will also get a little damage in the process. [1]
Super Armor
300 This will reduce damage inflicted on you.