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Challenge - Information

The game's Challenge mode is the part of the game that you go to under one of a few conditions: A) You've played the Robot Masters to death. B) You're bored with Construction mode. C) You want to experience a new definition of frustration while somehow managing to have fun.

For the most part, Challenge revolves around the third option listed. It's the part of the game where even the most experienced Rockman gamer can test their skills on a total of 100 different missions involving Rockman and the eight Robot Masters. Successfully completing all 100 gains you Blues as a playable character (and coming from someone who has done the rigorous requirements for this, it's one heck of a bonus).

To unlock a set of missions, you first have to have that character playable. As mentioned above, defeating the Robot Masters with only the Rock Buster (no charged shots) damages the boss instead of destroying them, and Dr. Right will repair the boss and you can play as that character. 90 of the missions involve Rockman and the eight Robot Masters, and the last 10 consist of survival missions against the bosses in the game (think of Rockman: Complete Works/Rockman X2: Soul Eraser endurance battles). The Boss Attack challenges aren't made available until you've completed New Style at least once, however.

Missions are varied across a wide spectrum of tasks. Each one has a specific goal, and you have usually a set means of accomplishing the task, which is made plainly obvious to you. However, the challenges all have specific elements to them which may make your day a bit less bright. They include:

HEALTH LIMIT: This regulates your starting HP (hit points). A great deal of the challenges give you only 1HP, so you'd better bone up on not getting hit.

TIME LIMIT: Many missions have a set time limit that you need to complete the objective(s) in. If you fail, your character explodes. Whee!

ITEM PICKUPS: Other missions require that you collect a Retry Flag or certain number of items, such as Score Balls. The vast majority of these have unlimited time, although there are those annoying ones that give you a time limit.

BODY COUNT: This revolves around destroying a set number of enemies or Party Balls usually by any means necessary (Buster or Master Weapons). Some of these are also timed, which makes things even more fun.

You can restart any Challenge you're in by hitting the Select button, but be warned - you're allowed to pause, and Select is notoriously close to Start...