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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Wily & Right's Rockboard: That's Paradise

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You can earn cards when you stop on ? squares. Cards are provided by some famous characters in Rockman series. There are some cards that you can keep in order to use later. Be warned that it's not that easy getting a card that you can keep. When a character provides a card for you that you can keep, it'll be added to your card list in the カード (Card) option, in the main menu.

Attack Cards

Elec Card | エレキカード
Choose one of your rival's buildings and lower its ranking by 1.
Fire Card | ファイヤーカード
Choose one card that your rival has and you will be able to discard it.
Air Card | エアーカード
Choose a rival and you can blow it away to a random Mass. Sometimes, it will also blow the rival back to its current location. A good time to use it is before the rival gets near a E Mass.
Bubble Card | バブルカード
Repel the Bubble Lead and the price of all the Masses will deprecate a little bit.
Clash Card | クラッシュカード
Set the Crash Bomb on a rival's building and after a couple of turns, it'll blow up and lower its ranking by 1. The number of turns it takes to blow up a building varies each time. Additional effects may occur if someone stands on that same spot that the Crash Bomb is in.
Spark Card | スパークカード
Using this on a building will give it a power outage, and thus, it will not be able to collect rent (zenny) from bypassing players. The effect wears off after about 3-4 turns.
Bull Card | ブルカード
This will let you lower the rent (zenny) of a building a little.
Bright Card | ブライトカード
Your rival will not be able to use cards for about 3-4 turns.
Toad Card | トードカード
This lowers the ranking of a building.
Pharaoh Card | ファラオカード
The rival will bot be able to use the Roulette(?).
Quint | クイントカード
Choosing a rival's building, you can use it to rebuild one of your own buildings. The building that costs the most will most likely be rebuilt.

Defense Cards

Enker Card | エンカーカード
A card effect that was used on you can be transferred over to a rival instead when using this card.
Blues Card | ブルースカード
You will be able to guard yourself from a Boss Transformation or a Boss Card effect with this in your possession.
Rock Card | ロックカード
You will be able to guard yourself from a Boss Transformation, a Boss Card or Reggae Card effect with this in your possession.

Profit Cards

Eddie Card (Temporary Income) | エディカード (りんじしゅうたゅう)
You'll be able to walk over a chosen Mass and earn 500 zenny, 1000 zenny, 1500 zenny and 2000 zenny respectively.
Eddie Card (Everyone's Present) | エディカード (ぜんいんからプレゼント)
*Eddie will take 100 zenny from each of your rivals and give all zenny to you.
Eddie Card (Happiness Card) | エディカード (しあわせのカード)
During several turns, whenever someone walks over a Mass, they will donate a bit of zenny. It starts with 50 zenny and then 100 zenny.
Eddie Card (Roulette Chance) | エディカード (ルーレットチャンス)
*Your rivals will each get an aleatory number from the Roulette, and you'll also get one. Each number will then be summed up and the total number will be multiplied by 100. You will recieve so much money as end result. (example: 8 x 4 = 32; 32 x 100 = 3200)
Eddie Card (Free Pass Card) | エディカード (フリーパスカード)
When using this, you won't have to pay the rent on a chosen building that you're bypassing.
Eddie Card (Lucky Card) | エディカード (ラッキーカード)
You can recieve extra provision when passing a E Mass.
Eddie Card (Revival Card) | エディカード (ふっかつカード)
If you don't have any money, you will be able to recieve 1000 zenny from the bank using this card.
Rush Card (Fondness Location Movement) | ラッシュカード (すきなばしょにいどう)
You will be able to teleport to any Mass on the current board.
Rush Card (Advance One Time Already) | ラッシュカード (もう一回進む)
You'll be able to advance further during a Roulette (dice) session.
Rush Card (Assembly Card) | ラッシュカード (集合カード)
You'll be able to gather every rival on the board to your current location.
Rush Card (Fast Step Card) | ラッシュカード (早歩きカード)
You'll be able to advance further during a Roulette (dice) session.

Misc. Cards

Cut Card | カットカード
Lottery | くじ
Reggae Card (Disaster Card) | レゲーカード (不幸のカード)
Reggae Card (Money Loss) | レゲーカード (所持金をなくす)
Reggae Card (Building Destruction) | レゲーカード (建物破壊)
Reggae Card (Land Forfeit) | レゲーカード (土地を没収)
Reggae Card (Card Pick-Up) | レゲーカード (カード取り上げ)
Reggae Card (Land Price Soaring) | レゲーカード (地価高騰)