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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Wily & Right's Rockboard: That's Paradise

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Board Panels

This square represents a land that can be bought. When you buy it, if you have enough money, you can construct buildings. If you stop in a Land square from another player, you will have to pay the rental fee for the owner.
You will have to draw a card. The cards may be positive or negative to you, depending on your luck.
By stopping above this square, your character will be replaced by a Boss, and you will not be able to execute any action, includding buying lands or paying fees to another player. Also, if you stop above a property that already is yours, the rental price for this land will be cut by half permanently! This will last until you finish one full round in the board.
Your luck will be tested here. You can earn extra prizes (usually money), or you can lose money or even lose a turn.
This is the starting square for the characters. Everytime that you complete a full round in the board, you will earn some money, by passing through this square.
In the first time you stop in this square, you can bet in the lottery by paying 300 Zeny. Now, when you pass over this square once again, you will have to guess a number in the Roulette. If you guessed the correct number, you will earn 1500 extra Zeny!
Rush will transport you to another Rush Square in the board.
If you stop in this square, you will lose one turn.
It works as a normal Land Square, but after I bought the land, and when I stopped in it once again, the game showed some kind of mini game, where three tiny robots were racing. I could not control the robots, so I believe that one of 'em was representing my character (I just do not know which one, and as it seems, there was not the one that was representing me that won, since I did not earn any money after the mini-game).