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X Pigs
by HyperSonic.EXE

General gathered up his masses
Reploids emitting black gasses
Feeble minds, poor plot construction
Makes for a timeline obstruction
Ground below, the bodies burning
As the bald man's mind keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Origins the players find, oh lord yeah!

Repliforce Metools hide themselves away
You know they started the war
Why should Sigma go out to fight?
He leaves that role to the poor

Time has passed, Zero has bought the farm
Mavericks make the whole world a mess
Hey, wait, is that a piece of arm?
Is that Zero's pink dress? Yeah!

Jakob attached, moon stops turning
Surprise, Sigma is still burning
Axl joins the battlefront
Now three reploids on the hunt
Sigmas everywhere you look
Vile's reading a good book
Wrapping up this drawn out series
Lumine spreads his wings
All right now!