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A Whole New World
by Protoman Blues

*PB gets on Aladdin Prince Ali outfit*

"We can show you the world.
Spankings! Sexual Pleasures!
Tell me members, now when did you last feel tingly inside!

We can open your eyes.
Post with sexified wonders!
Catgirls, Rockman, and lots more on a fun perverted ride!

A Whole New Woorrlddd!
An egotastic point of view.
Somewhere that's fun to go,
lots of Mojo,
and topics that are dreamy!"

*Random Horny Female RPM Guest*

A Whole New Woorrlddd!
A dazzling site I never knew.
But when I log on here, it's crystal clear.
I'm online in a whole new world with youuuu.

*Aladdin PB* Online in a Whole New World with youuuuuu!

*Horny Female RPM Guest*
Cock's that rise to new heights.
Luscious Double D Boooobies!
Surfing, typing, and fapping through a damn erotic site!

A Whole New Woorrlddd!

*PB* Click on Show new replies
A Hundred Topics left to see
*PB* Just click new, it gets better

I'm like a porno star, I've come so hard.
I can't go back to sensibility!

*PB* A Whole New Woorrlddd!
Every post a surprise.
*PB* With new erotic pictures to view
Every pic gets me hotter

*PB and Horny Female RPM Guest*
We'll post them everywhere.
It's time to share.
Let us share this Whole New World with youuuuuuuu.

*PB* A Whole New World
*Horny Female RPM Guest* A Whole New World
*PB* That's where we'll be.
*Horny Female RPM Guest* That's where we'll be.
*PB* This is the place
*Horny Female RPM Guest* It's in your face

*PB and Horny Female RPM Guest* For you to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee"