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RPM Rocks!
by RockmanHalo

Note: Use Cleveland Rocks from The Drew Carey Show as base.
[Youtube Video]

3, 4!
3, 4!
3, 4!
3, 4!

Loggin On! X12

All these things that are callin’ me,
Back to our Forum….

With ever changing attitudes,
One place to belong!

All the little kids that are posting to kid, are going

From EXE Stream to the Rockman Team we’re going
R-P-M! X8

Nekos, Bots, and flaming wars,
We’ve got our troubles too.

But thanks to some Defenders out there,
The forum’s safe for you!!

All our little bits,
With some ruthless hicks, we’re going,

Living in sin,
Well we’ve already been, going
R-P-M! X8

I’ve got my NES from ’82,
I play it just like I used to do,
I was a “Rocker” and still am too,
Now RPM just rocks, Now RPM just rocks,
R-P-M! (till end of song)
Rockman (echo)