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What I'm Fighting For
by RockmanHalo

Note: Use Zero's Intro Stage from Rockman X4 as base.

There’s a hope and cause
To rescue Earth, from evil’s claws.

Then I look to you,
Just think of us two.

See there’s my reason,
What I am fighting for,
Since I know our love is just!

And just when,
Our vows renewed,
Your brother’s dream,
Gets all skewed!

Our grace,
He just can’t view.

That’s why I fight, for you!

*Awesome Guitar Solo*

And war keeps drowning,
Our simple wish to love,
That’s why I do what I do!

I know it’s sad,
That me and your bro,
Are butting heads.

It’s like,
A bad dream,
Of which I can’t find the seam!