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Shooting Star Rockman
(aka Mega Man Star Force)

Shooting Star Rockman 3

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GUIDE: Battle Cards

Battle Cards

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Battle Cards are to the Ryuusei series, what Battle Chips were to the EXE series.

Battle Cards are used to support Subaru and WarRock in battle against the Denpa (Radio Wave) viruses.
These include offense, defense and even recovery cards.

Ryuusei no Rockman 3 contains 150 Standard, 45 Mega and 5 Giga cards.
Each of the 5 Giga cards are different for each version too.
Among the Secret cards, there are 116 Standard, 64 Mega and 12 Giga cards.

The cards for each class are ranked in the following format:
S???: Standard
M???: Mega
G???: Giga

Secret cards are formatted this way:
B???S: Standard Secret Cards
B???M: Mega Secret Cards
B???G: Giga Secret Cards

Version specific cards are also formatted in this matter:
G???B: Black Ace
G???R: Red Joker