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Shooting Star Rockman
(aka Mega Man Star Force)

Play-on-TV Shooting Star Rockman: Wave Change! On-Air!

DATA: Info | Mini Games
GUIDE: Battle Cards

Game Details

Image (JP)
Developer Capcom, Xavix, Takara TOMY
Publisher Capcom, Shogakukan, ShoPro, TV Tokyo
Genre Action
Players 1
Systems » Plug-and-Play TV Game
Media » Unknown (TV-Game)
Save Backup » Battery (TV-Game)

Release Notes

テレビで遊び隊 流星のロックマン 電波変換! オン・エア!
Terebi de Asobitai Ryuusei no Rockman: Denpa Henkan! On-Air!
(JP) 2007.03.15 (TV-Game) [B000MUX7DA] 7560yen


"Denpa Henkan! On Air!" is a "plug and play" TV game that came out at the early year of 2007. The device uses Xavix motion-sensing technology, and it's a self-contained module that hooks up to a TV set. The player wears a WarRock-shaped motion detector on their arm to perform different kind of actions on-screen (much like the use of a Wii Remote).

On the Main Menu, you have access to these things:

Mini Game
This mode lets you play six different mini-games.
Free Battle
This mode lets you fight against bosses, with selectable difficulty.
You can look at the battle cards you collected from the mini-games.
High Score
This lets you see your high score on the mini-games.
Change which hand you want to hold WarRock with. This also has a Delete Data option.

The player will show in this paragraph

On Free Battle mode, you will be able to fight against Ox Fire, Cygnus Wing and Harp Note, with 3 selectable difficulties (EASY, NORMAL, HARD). If you manage to defeat all 3 of them, you will be able to fight against a Final Boss (Easy and Normal doesn't count).