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Rockman X8 e-Capcom Original Special Sound CD

DATA: Info | Tracklist


01* Vs Maverick -e-capcom Remix
02* Theme Of "RockmanX8" -e-capcom Remix
03 Opening
04 Appearance Of Lumine
05 Betrayal
06 Oncoming Generation
07 Problem
08 Fate to fight
* Note: The back side of the cover says that Vs Maverick is track 2, while Theme of ''Rockman X8'' is track 1, but they are played in a different order. One of the tracks is longer than the other. The first track is shorter, but is mislabeled as Theme of ''RockmanX8''. Long story short, the shorter track is supposed to be first, while the longer track is second. Everything else is kept the same.