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Rockman X
(aka Mega Man X)

Rockman X5

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Item Parts

Name Stage & Choices
Shock Buffer Grizzly Slash [+ Life]
Hyper Dash Grizzly Slash [+ Energy]
Quick Charge Squid Adler [+ Life]
Z-Saber Extend Squid Adler [+ Energy]
Burst Shots Izzy Glow [+ Life]
Shot Eraser Izzy Glow [+ Energy]
Super Recover Duff McWhalen [+ Life]
W-Energy Saver Duff McWhalen [+ Energy]
Jumper The Skiver [+ Life]
Speedster The Skiver [+ Energy]
Ultimate Buster Axle the Red [+ Life]
Z-Saber Plus Axle the Red [+ Energy]
Anti-Virus Guard Dark Dizzy [+ Life]
Virus Buster Dark Dizzy [+ Energy]
Speed Shot Mattrex [+ Life]
Buster Plus Mattrex [+ Energy]

X Capsule Parts

Name Location (Stage)
Falcon Helmet Squid Adler
Falcon Arms Izzy Glow
Falcon Armor Duff McWhalen
Falcon Boots Grizzly Slash
Gaia Helmet Dark Dizzy
Gaia Arms Mattrex
Gaia Armor The Skiver
Gaia Boots Axle the Red