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Rockman Zero
(aka Mega Man Zero)

Rockman Zero 4

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Boss | Enemy A | Enemy B | Other


The Database in this game is available right at the title screen, under New Game, or Continue (if you have saved a game before). At start, the database will be totally empty, but when you face a character or an enemy, the database will slowly fill up with lots of info and pictures.

There are 4 different categories to fill up data on:
Boss, Enemy A, Enemy B and Other.
There are 16 Boss', 8 Enemy A's, 56 Enemy B's and 16 Other's. All it takes to fill up the Boss and Enemy lists is to just beat them in the game. The Other list consists of characters that you can talk and interact with, this includes the Resistance, the Caravan and Zero himself. So just talk with these characters to get their data. Zero's data is added the moment you control him.

The toughest list to fill up should probably be Enemy B, since it contains alot of enemies, and there are lots of them hidden in the game. But keep doing your best, and find hidden routes that leads to the new enemies, and you'll eventually fill up the lists in no time.