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Rockman Zero
(aka Mega Man Zero)

Rockman Zero 4

DATA: Info | Secrets
GUIDE: Z Knuckle | Database

Unlockable Modes

Hard Mode: Beat the game on Normal Mode. Enter the Title Screen, then enter New Game and Hard Mode will be available from here.

Mini Games

Plant Panic / プラントパニック
Beat the game without feeding your elf any energy crystals.

There will be plants that will grow from the grassy ground and it's up to you to pick everything up and earn points by doing so. Besides regular grass plants, you will stumble across Beeneran's which gives you double points. You will also spot airborne enemies that earns you bonus points as well. You have 60 seconds to try and get over 150 points.
Busy Basket / ビジーバスケット
Beat the game on Hard Mode.

From the right, heavy balls will roll towards you, and you need to pick them up and thro them into the basket that is seen hanging up on this long orange/gray pillar infront of you. There will also be a ball that is twice as big that will roll against you. With a charged Z Knuckle attack and one more hit will most likely do the trick. Depending on how you throw the balls into the basket, you earn bonus points. You have 60 seconds to try and get over 150 points.
Wood Chopping / ウッドチョッピング
Beat the game with an overall S rank.

Tree logs will be placed on three spots on the ground and you need to chop them into two pieces to earn points. Depending on how you chop the logs, they will be split into two correct precise-sized planks and you earn bonus points by doing so. Some of the tree logs will also pose as bombs so don't chop those. You have 60 seconds to try and get over 200 points.
Magma Border / マグマボーダー
Beat the game with your Database completely filled with data.

Fire will burn up onto the pillars that Zero is standing on, so you need to turn off the fire with your Water Gun. The more the fire spreads over the pillars, the faster you get points from them when you turn them off. There will be some airborne enemies flying by that gives you bonus points as well. You have 60 seconds to try and get over 750 points.
Elf Chase / エルフチョイス
Beat the game without making any Equip Chips.

A Pure Elf will fly infront of you and your mission is to chase it away with your Electric Light, all the way to the other side, where sun light streaming from the roof will take care of the elf permanently (how cruel). Make sure to always have the elf within reach of the Electric Light, or you will waste valuable time when it is stuck on walls or floors. You have 60 seconds to try and get a 40 seconds time record.
Hammer Harvest / ハンマーハーベスト
Beat the game under 1 hour.

There will be a button on the left side of the screen, so slam it with your Mega Hammer so you can pick up Life Capsules and 1-Ups that will fall from the tree branches above. For each item you pick up, a multiplier will be shown above Zero, so for each item you pick up, you will get that much bonus points. You will also see a few PetiPrickers falling from above that will try and disrupt your multiplier count, so don't pick them up. You have 60 seconds to try and get over 350 points.
Energy Laboratory / エナジーラボラトリー
Get a Hi-Score on the first 6 Mini Games.

There will be two pillars filled with multi-colored blocks, and you need to pick one block up and match it with another color to get points. You also get bonus points if you create chains of falling matching-colored blocks together. Like say you pick up a green block on the bottom right and place it into a green block seen between two purple blocks. The green blocks will dissapear and the purple blocks will fall onto each other and give you bonus points.

EX Skills

These techniques requires you to beat a specific boss while a certain weather condition has been made during a mission (when you select a mission, the correct weather will flash in red/orange colors next to the chosen mission). If you don't choose the correct weather condition for a mission, you don't get the EX skill.

EX Skill Info Attack Demo Description Boss
Time Stopper
Charge the Z-Buster, then release the button to shoot a ball that later forms a square-shaped frame that freezes enemies for a brief moment.
Tractor Shot
Shoot with the Z-Buster once and keep holding the button down to charge up an energyball that electrifies enemies.
Burning Shot
Charge the Z-Buster, then release the button to fire off a bullet that explodes on enemies or walls.
Ice Javelin
Charge the Z-Buster, then release the button to fire off a long lance that freezes enemies that connects with it.
Tsuibangeki (JP)
Sky Chaser (US) (EU)
Press Down and the Z-Saber button while airborne to attack downwards (stab).
Buraitotsu (JP)
Thunder Stab (US) (EU)
Dash forward and press the Z-Saber button to perform a lightning thrust, which also releases 2 electric balls when touching the ground.
Shouenga (JP)
Flame Fang (US) (EU)
Press Up and the Z-Saber button to perform a Rising Slash that also creates a flaming trail on the Z-Saber.
Hyougetsujin (JP)
Ice Blade (US) (EU)
Press Down and the Z-Saber button while on the ground to release a semi-long ice wave.