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Comic Jam


A Comic Jam is a interactive storyteller where you as a forum member makes a comic strip, while you wait for someone else to continue from your last spot. The plot itself can be anything, but the main focus is that it should feature characters that represents the members of the forum.

The comics can be as long as the group wants to, but the better the storytelling and the artwork of each comic strip is, the better it will be and more fun to read in the process.

Some of themes can involve at simple humor, while other aspects of a comic can involve in serious plots, like being siturated in a survival horror incident or a detective story. Anything is possible, as long as the comic is kept being displayed in image form (no text stories allowed).

The Rules of Comic Jam, as well as minor info about the characters, is coming soon.

To read unfinished Comic Jams, make sure to check out the sub-forum list.

The only requirements to participate is to be a member of the forum.
Other requirements may involve to be a good writer and good at drawings.

Now, please use the Drop-Down Menu above to select a finished Comic Jam.