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Welcome to the portal leading to the Rockchat, an IRC-based chat channel where you can talk and share things, and discuss all kinds of things... well, mostly Rockman things, nonetheless. Basically, to start off, you'd need to be able to connect to the server that our channel is on, SynIRC. You can do this by using either a client (like MIRC, XChat, and so on), or by using an online webchat (either SynIRC, or Mibbit) There are a few set of rules that are to be followed for everyone's well-being. Amend to them and everything will go smoothly.

Here are the rules:
1) The golden rule: Treat others as you want to be treated. If you break this rule, expect to be banned, temporarily or even permanently!
2) Being annoying or disruptive could lead to a ban, or a silence by the operators.
3) Spamming will not be tolerated either, with bans/silences resulting aswell.
4) Since there might be people who are within the legally underage, keep the discussion to a reasonable level.

5) This might not be a rule, but enjoy yourself on the channel and HAVE SOME FUN! Don't let anyone discourage you either, since that detracts from the experience.

The operators are those with either %, @, or ~ before their names. These people hold the right to start any precautions in case anything happens. A + before a name is voice, and is will allow you to talk if the room has been silenced/muted (if you don't have voice you can't talk, simple as that). But when the channel isn't muted, those with a voice are usually regulars or VERY NICE people.

The general settings to access the channel are as such:
Server: irc.synirc.net
Channel: #rpm
Port: 6667

More in-depth rules and instructions can be read in our IRC topic.

If you're ready, then please, enter the channel, connect to #rpm and have a good day.