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Rockman 10: Threat from Outer Space!!

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This is RPM's very own ranking system for this game. You will be able to see lots of times and scores for every mode of the game, including the DLC modes. When you click on one of the modes, you can see who is the fastest or has the highest score on that mode, and if you click on the player's name, you can see if they have submitted records on other modes. All their submissions are listed on their own personal page. We are happy to accept ANY record, even if it's not a world record. Importantly, this page exist so that you can show your record on other communites by linking to it.

If you like to submit your own entries, make sure you send an e-mail to us, send a private message on our forum, or post your entries on a forum topic. When you submit your entries, we would like to see some kind of image or video proof that this high score or time record is legal. We don't allow the use of cheat devices or other means of editing a submission to make it look real. If your submission is only a personal record and not a top-rank one, then you won't necessarily have to give proof, but you're free to do so.

Here are all the modes in the game and how many entries we got for each.

All Clear Rockman Easy (2)
All Clear Rockman Normal (3)
All Clear Rockman Hard (1)

All Clear Blues Easy (0)
All Clear Blues Normal (0)
All Clear Blues Hard (2)

All Clear Forte Easy (0)
All Clear Forte Normal (0)
All Clear Forte Hard (0)

Endless Attack (2)
Special Stage 1 (0)
Special Stage 2 (0)
Special Stage 3 (1)

Blade Man (1)
Pump Man (2)
Commando Man (2)
Chill Man (1)
Sheep Man (2)
Strike Man (1)
Nitro Man (1)
Solar Man (1)
Wily Castle 1 (2)
Wily Castle 2 (1)
Wily Castle 3 (1)
Wily Castle 4 (3)
Wily Castle 5 (2)

Some suggestions or other ideas we might add to the ranking system in the future:

* The region of the game. (Japanese, American, European?)

* What country the player comes from.

If you have more suggestions, send them to us. We gladly accept them.
We hope that this ranking system will be useful for you.