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Parody Lyrics

This section is a place for you to read some made-up songs, and maybe even sing-along to them. These have been submitted by the members of the RPM community. Click any of the titles below to read the lyrics.

The lyrics marked with a * is about this site.

Rockman Phenomenon

Helada Quemadura
Navi Love

Arcadian Idiot
X in the Dark
X Pigs

Protoman Blues
A Whole New World*
Blues Have Fun*
Just Epic Win*
Rockman X3's One More Time w/ English Lyrics NEW
Sky Child's Divine*
Then The Maverick Comes
The Other Side
What I Am Fighting For?

Sub Tank NEW


RPM Rocks*
What I'm Fighting For

Sub Tank
The Final Boss of My Lair

I Wear My Sunglasses Online NEW
Rockman NEW

Rockman PM* NEW