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Mega Goat

DATA: Info | Secrets
GUIDE: Weapons


Goat Buster
You start with this weapon and 3 bullets can show up on-screen.
Sherbert Shot
This weapon will shoot out ice cream that travels a short distance and then falls down, melting on the ground.
Hook Lash
This will launch a fishing lure attached to a string and it will swing and twirl right in front of you, and it will stay on-screen as long as you keep holding down the shoot button.
Muffin Mayhem
You will throw muffins that will bounce forward for a short distance.
Enveloping Envelopes
This acts as a shield that twirls around you and will stay on you as long as there's energy left.
Forecast Blast
This will summon a cloud that rains water on enemies that are close by. You can launch it from a higher distance if you jump. It will slowly travel all across the screen until it reach the edge of the screen.
Rock Chuck
You will launch a huge rock towards the enemy.
Paper Airplane
You will throw paper airplanes that flies at high speed, as the name suggest.
Slicing Scissors
You will throw scissors that acts like a boomerang. It will fly low and then twirl upward before it rotates back to you.
Banana Rocket
This acts just like Item 2 from Rockman 2. When you drop it, a voice will say "Oh my goodness!!" and you will summon a big banana rocket that you can ride across large pits, as long as you have weapon energy left.