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Tile-throwing Legend: Mutsuki

DATA: Info | Passwords
GUIDE: Bosses | Weapons | Items

Game Details

Image (JP)
Developer Nagano Style
Publisher Nagano Style
Genre Action/Platformer
Players 1
Systems » PC Windows
Media » Unknown
Save Backup » Password

Release Notes

Tou Pai Densetsu Mutsuki
(JP) 2010.07.31 (PC) (v1.03)


This is a Rockman style game with characters and setting based on the Saki manga & anime series, and is made by the author of Nagano Style programmed with Multimedia Fusion 2. You control Tsuruga Academy's second year student Mutsuki Tsuyama, who has to struggle through stages with different Saki-related characters in them, including the boss characters at the end of each stage. After 8 stages, you get to fight 4 mysterious bosses and the stages are remodeled in a similar way as the Doc Robot stages in Rockman 3. After that, you get sent to Yumi Kajiki's fortress where everything you learned from the past stages will be put to test. The Option menu in the Title screen also lets you listen to the full soundtrack of this game, where each song is 8-bit rearrangements of the soundtrack from the anime, and the BGM Test even gives hints to their relations with each other.