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Welcome to the Interviews section. The idea for this section was to have interviews with famous Game Developers and then list them here, but since that would be quite troublesome, we decided to start interview the fans of Rockman/Mega Man instead.

For starters, we begin to interview RM/MM fans that has done anything meaningful to the net community, whether if it's in the present time or somewhere in the past. Famous net people we had in mind are those that would usually run a RM/MM website, or has been helpful with art commissions, or pretty much anyone that's been helpful for a huge pack of RM/MM fans in all the years the net has been up.

Enjoy the interviews.

Interview Select

Eddie Lebron, a director who plans on making a fan-made movie of the Blue Bomber, got interviewed by one of our staff members, Protoman Blues. Eddie has done lots of other great works in the past, and this new one will sure become a great success as well. Find out all the details about the Mega Man movie, and get a bit of insight on what sparked Eddie's interest into making the movie in the first place.
Posted on January 7th, 2008
Maqqy, the spunky girl with orange hair and blue armor, has been in the MM community for a long while now, showcasing her artistic talents in her own Hunter Hide Out, which also hosts the Mega Man Bathing Suit Contest. Find out who Maqqy is and why everyone loves her work so much.
Posted on November 9th, 2006
Gauntlet runs The Mechanical Maniacs, a MegaMan 3 style webpage that has survived for as long as humanity can remember. His role as ShadowMan at certain times might give you a scare, but fear not... he's quite a polite ninja for once. Here's his tale about himself and his amazing webpage.
Posted on October 30th, 2005
Satoryu, a forum member of this site, and also a speedrunner on a few MegaMan games on Speed Demos Archive, requested an interview about his accomplishments. With such amazing speed and well-planned strategies, who would turn down such an offer? The story about Satoryu entering the speedrun community begins here and now.
Posted on October 16th, 2005