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Rockman Zero
(aka Mega Man Zero)

Rockman Zero Collection

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GUIDE: Collection Mode

Collection Mode

These are the images and cards that you can find while you play the four games in the collection.

Here's how you unlock all the cards and images.

Wallpapers: They are found while you play any of the four GBA games in Select Mode (or Title Select). During the course of the four GBA games, you will see a wallpaper on the touch screen, and when the game does an auto-save when a new wallpaper shows up (or you save your progress manually in any of the four GBA games), the wallpaper will show up on the Collection Mode. The very last wallpaper is unlocked in Easy Scenario Mode though.

Kaizou (e-Reader) Cards: There are 80 cards to collect here, and you will unlock a set when you beat any of the four GBA games in Select Mode (or Title Select). Beat all the four GBA games (the order doesn't matter), and you will unlock all of them. The cards can be used to unlock things or modify some elements Zero 3 by activating them in the Collection Mode screen. Select a card that you want to activate and then press the OFF button in the left corner of the touch screen so that it switches to ON.

Character Cards: You must finish Easy Scenario Mode from start to finish. When the game saves your progress at the very end, the cards should be available in Collection Mode.

To find an already complete list of the Kaizou and Character Cards, and their effects, look in our original Zero 3 Kaizou Card page.

Wallpaper List

Kaizou (e-Reader) Card

Character Card