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Tile-throwing Legend: Mutsuki

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[M] Mahjong Tiles / 麻雀牌

This is the weapon that you start with. 3 tiles can show up on the screen at once, and it's good for dealing lots of damage to big enemies if you're good at button-mashing. A cool feature with this weapon is that when the tiles hit a wall, they will bounce off the wall and fall down any enemy that right below the tiles. Useful against enemies and bosses you can't reach.
[T] Taco Spin / タコスピン (Tacos Man)

This weapon is used while you are jumping. When you use it, you will spin and will slice enemies in a similar way as Top Spin from Rockman 3. This weapon has a very specific aerial effect to it though. When you use it while jumping, it will act as a double jump ability, meaning that when you use at the tip of a jump, you will be able bounce up much higher when using it and you will be able to reach higher places that way.
[B] Banana / バナナ (Toshima Man)

You throw 3 bananas in a upward directions and is useful to hit airborne enemies. The bananas will also stick on the floor for a while, so that any enemy or boss that walks towards them will get hit by them.
[I] Ikemen Burger / イケメンバーガー (Ikemen)

This lets you throw burgers wrapped in white paper in 8 directions, in the same way as the Metal Blade from Rockman 2, and funny enough, it makes similar sound effects when you throw the burgers too.
[C] Hajime Chain / はじめチェイン (Chijo Man)

This weapon creates a chain that stretches itself when holding down the attack button, and you can later stand on the chains as they will act as platforms, similar to the Magnet Beam from the first Rockman game.
[A] Touka Laser / とーかレーザー (Ahoge Man)

This launches a rainbow-colored laser that bounces off walls and curves in the other directions, similar to Gemini Laser in Rockman 3.
[N] Nodotch Barrier / のどっちバリア (Nodotch Man)

This weapon creates a barrier that sticks infront of you, and if you press the attack button, you will launch it at any enemy or boss that's infront of you. The barrier is wide enough to also hit enemies that are airborne.
[F] Captain Eye / キャプテンアイ (Cap Man)

This weapons creates a black hole type force field that covers the whole screen and stays for a second or two, and anything that's closeby will disappear instantly or get big damage from this attack.
[S] Stealth MoMo Mode / ステルス・モ・モ・モード (Stealth Man)

This will let you be invisible by activating it with the attack button. You can walk through enemies and they won't be able to hit you with anything. It drains weapon energy fast though, so press the attack button again to deactivate it. This weapon is useful against bosses that are weak against their own weapon, so be invisible, stand close to the boss, and their attack will heat-seek towards you and hit the boss instead.