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Rockman Phenomenon
by GuardianHX

Note: Use Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch as base.

If you like us
Calling all Hunters
Roll up beside us
No place to hide us
Us Maverick Fighters
Let's unite us
Switch on your Busters
And. Let's. Go.
DOWN! It comes to sound!
Everyone pound, your feet to this Rock Phenomenon.
NOW! Let's make it loud!
Let us RPM'ers show 'em all how, you move to this Rock phenomenon!
^Repeatx2^ (End Chorus)
Don't let the Mavericks
Crawl up beside us
They wants to bite us, inject the Sigma virus
Raise up you sabers, praise to the righteous, needja to guide us!
And. Let's. GO!
(Repeat Chorus)
Let Rockman Perfect Memories show 'em all how!
You move to this Rockman Phenomenon...Phenomenon...Phenomenon