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Mega Man Scramble Battle

Look, a screen shot of Mega Man Scramble Battle for the DS!

This "mock-up" of a game was made by BlackBeltDude, with the following message:

"My god, this took me a while to finish. I wish I had got it done on the 17th, but I really only got the idea late on the 16th. I think what spurred it was reading the Megaman article in my new issue of Nintendo Power. When Horinouchi mentioned how he wanted to have a Megaman Brawl game, I thought that'd be fun to sprite.

I picked Airman's stage cause of that, "Can't Beat Airman" song that's around YouTube. I changed a few things design wise a bit, but I think you can still figure out who's stage it is. I picked those 4 Megaman because each of their games play fairly differently from one another (except maybe X, but I just like that series the most :P).

Towards the end, I got a bit tired of working on it, which might be why the life bars are so simple (Course, they don't need to be complicated). But it's definitely why there's only one kind of hit effect for X and Mega's shots. :P Making that one shot took a while, and I didn't feel like making another. And after I finally picked a sprite design for the dust trail, I decided to resize it, since that's what Capcom does nowadays.

Happy Birthday to the Blue Bomber, who's changed my life for the better. :)"