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Chiptuned Rockman

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Soundtrack Details

Image (JP)
Publisher Inti Creates
CDs 1

Release Notes

チップチューンド ロックマン
Chiptuned Rockman
(JP) 2009.10.15 [INTIR-015] 3000yen


Chiptuned Rockman is a soundtrack filled with arranged 8-bit chiptune-style songs from the Original Rockman series. Each of the tracks has been composed by a different artist who are all specialized in chiptune mixes. You can listen to a sample on Inti Creates website. The album comes with a booklet which will have interviews with 10 different artists who have worked on Rockman music, not to mention a column that will focus on Rockman and Video Game music in general. A colored comic drawn by Hitoshi Ariga will also be featured on the booklet. The soundtrack will be sold at the Tokyo Game Show 2009, and it will also have a wide release in the middle of October 2009.