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Boss Order (From Left to Right)

Freudia Neuwahl (Opening Stage)

Use: Seele Gewehr
Attacks: 01 02

Freudia will first disappear and then reappear somewhere in the room, and then she fires 3 Freuden Stachels at you (01), so jump over each one with light jumps and you'll make it unharmed.

If you try to shoot Freudia right after this attack, she'll block your attack by sliding right at you (02), so you have to avoid her by waiting for her to come close, then jump over her slide attack.

You need to attack her during her Freuden Stachel session, so shoot early, then wait for her to disappear and reappear, then repeat this process and she'll go down easily.

[RKS002] Freudia Neuwahl

Use: Die geplante Zukunft
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

Just like the past battle with Freudia, she will disappear and reappear at another spot and attack you with one of her spells. One of them is an attack where she fires ice lasers, where the first batch is launched on ground (01), so jump over that assault, then she shoots a batch a bit higher, so slide under that assault (02). She'll do the same attack one more time before she disappears again.

Another one of her attacks is that she'll make 4 clones of herself and a sphere will also block the left and right side of the screen with Freuden Stachels (03), and Freudia will command her clones to shoots Freuden Stachels one after the other. During this attack, look for the Freudia that isn't blinking. That's the real one, so hit her with a strong attack (04).

To avoid the attack of the clones, jump over the first batch that shoots from the left or right side, then hide someplace under the clones that are flying to avoid the next 3 attacks (05), then jump over the fifth attack too.

The last attack that Freudia does, is that she will appear floating in the air and start launching a barrage full of snow flakes (06), so just walk/slide away from that assault and stand far away to avoid it.

To best deal with Freudia, make sure that you first drained half of her health, then quickly switch to the weapon Die geplante Zukunft, wait until she stands on ground, then use it to freeze time, and keep button-mash the attack button to drain her health with your weapon. She'll go down easily this way.

[RKS003] Zorne Zeppelin

Use: Lust Atem
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

Zorne will start the battle by dropping a bomb infront of her (01), then kick it in your direction and she'll chase after you (02), so wait until the bomb and Zorne are close enough, then jump over her to avoid both of them.

Then she will carry a bomb in her hand and throw it at you (03), so just stand far away and just strike her with a strong attack (04). Make sure you don't stand too close to the bomb or Zorne, or else the bomb explosions will reach you and that's quite deadly (05).

When you drained half of Zorne's health, a text will scroll across the screen that says "Hurry!" (06), Zorne will switch to red colored bombs that makes bigger explosions than regular bombs (07). She throws one bomb and kicks away a second one (08), so you need to wait for a time to jump over the bomb explosions, or else you'll get hit (09).

With the "Hurry!" text in mind, the room will suddenly fill itself up with gray blocks, in typical Bomberman style (10), so you must keep striking Zorne with your best moves and avoid the bomb assaults before the blocks reach you (11), and if they do reach you, they'll keep damaging you until you don't have any health left (12).

For a much faster battle and without any blocks to worry about, just keep using Lust Atem and Zorne will keep her mouth shut within seconds.

[RKS004] Trauare Wrede

Use: Geister Wand
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

This battle begins with Trauare launching 3 Klage Harnisch at you, so jump over them (01). She'll launch 3 more, and then she'll fly to the other side of the room (02), so to easily avoid her assault, stand close to her, jump over the Klage Harnisch and then make a quick second jump to jump over her.

With half the health left, she'll keep launching Klage Harnisch at you, then she'll create 2 clones of herself (03), with the original flying across the room first, then the first clone flies at a high level, so slide past it (04), then the second clone flies at a lower level, so jump over that.

From now on, Trauare will launch 6 Klage Harnisch instead (05), with 3 of them flying upwards and the other 3 flying towards you, so jump over those (06).

A quick way to defeat her (and that might force you to damage yourself in the process), is to stick close to her all the time and hit her with Geister Wand. This stone barrier attack will deal enough damage each time that she'll be begging for merciful air.

[RKS005] Luste Teuber

Use: Liebes Sturm
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Luste will jump a lot and launch Lust Atems in different colors where you're usually standing (01), so try to run or jump past all the attacks to make it unharmed. Luste will also leap very high into the sky to avoid your attacks every now and then (02). Also, Luste will stand at a spot and shoot purple Lust Atems in 8 directions (03), so try to stand someplace right below her standing spot and you won't get any injuries.

When she has half the health left, she will change strategy a bit and launch 3 batches of purple Lust Atems in 8 directions whenever opportunity knocks (04). She does that attack frequently too. And when she leaps high, she will launch a very big Lust Atem at you (05), so run or slide to the edge of the screen to avoid it.

If you keep using Liebes Sturm 4 times, it will hit Luste with massive damage and she'll be choked with a mouthful of rain and you win that battle quick and simple.

[RKS006] Grolla Seyfarth

Use: Klage Harnisch
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Grolla will run towards you, but with a bit of length away from you, and launch Groll Schwerts at you (01), so jump to avoid them.

After those attacks, she'll make a long leap in your direction in hopes of tackling you (02). When she's too close to you, she'll jump backwards to keep a steady length away from you (03). When she has half health left, she'll now begin to launch 3 Groll Schwerts in different directions (04), so jump between them to avoid the attack.

She will also jump straight up into the air (05), swing her sword (06) and create plenty of slash attacks that lines themselves in different ways (07), and when she has landed with a cross-slash (08), 2 more slashes will come from the walls, so slide to avoid that (09).

If you're not quick and skillful enough to defeat Grolla with normal means, then stick with Klage Harnisch. Use it very close to Grolla and when she jumps in the air, stand right under her and keep using the weapon. She won't be able to respond with that much sword attacks if you're fast enough with the weapon.

[RKS007] Sichte Meister

Use: Groll Schwert
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Sichte will shoot 6 crystal bullets in different directions (01), then she will freeze time and leap over to the other side of the room (02). Just stand just a tad bit far away from her, enough so that when she leaps to the other side, she won't land on your head.

When you've drained half of her health, she'll start shooting twice the amount of crystal bullets instead (03), and after that, she'll freeze time, leap across the room and place lots of knives all over the place (04), so you need to keep sliding to avoid those knives (05), and she'll keep doing these attacks until she's defeated.

You can defeat her with normal weapons, but if you're not good with avoiding her knives, stick with Groll Schwert, especially by first hitting her in the back or after a time freeze, and she'll get more damage than usual.

[RKS008] Liebea Palesch

Use: Freuden Stachel
Attacks: 01 02 03

Liebea will enchant a small spell (01), and if you don't strike back fast enough, she'll use her Liebes Sturm that fills rain all over the place and gives you damage in the process (02). Just keep shooting her, and she'll jump, then try and enchant another spell, but just shoot her again, and she won't have a chance to do anything. This pattern is very similar to Rockman 4's Toadman.

When she has half the health left, she'll cast a wind spell every now and then that blows you away from her (03), and she will also shoot pink bullets at you, but jump or slide past them to avoid them.

Stick with your normal weapon or Freuden Stachel, and keep striking her when she tries to cast a spell, and she will just keep jumping and never have a chance to injure you at all.

[RKS009] Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle

Use: Zornes Bombe
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

Schwer will start walking slowly towards you and after a couple of steps, she'll surround herself with her Geister Wand barrier, while her little squid friend on her head shoots 3 drops of ink into the ceiling (01), then Schwer will launch her barrier all across the room, and the ink drops will fall down from the ceiling (02), but if you're quick, you can find an opening and stand between the ink drops that falls down without getting hit.

If you do get hit by an ink drop, Spiritia will go blind and the while room will turn black, and the only way for you to see Schwer, is to damage her with a weapon, but don't worry, the blindness will wear off in a few seconds. The only times you can hit Schwer is when she starts walking all across the room (03), so hit her with something strong and do it while jumping over her when she comes close.

When she has half her health left, she will summon double the amount of Geister Wands and the squid will shoot 6 ink drops instead (04), so to be able to avoid this attack, you must stand very far away from Schwer, so you can predict where the openings are. Good thing is that the ink drops always fall in the same line, so the openings are always clear (05).

Best way to deal with Schwer, is to predict where she will stop and then keep dropping Zornes Bombe close to her. The bombs goes through her barrier, but don't overdo the use of bombs, or the ammunition will go down quickly. Just drop one after the other to make sure you have enough bombs left.

Cross Wall

Use: Klage Harnisch / Die geplante Zukunft
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

When you first walk into this corridor with lots of blocks to stand on and a big bottomless pit under you, this Cross Wall will suddenly chase you and destroy all the blocks you stood on, so hurry and jump all the way to the right side of the corridor and the battle will finally start.

You only have 4 blocks to stand on, and the Cross Wall will keep spitting out tiny cross enemies and green orbs that follows you where you're standing (01). The weakness of the boss is the red-colored core right at the center of its cross insignia, so have a good aim and then shoot something strong at it (02). When the green orbs get close enough, they will split up and launch parts of themselves both up and down, so wait until it's close enough, then jump over the orb to avoid their attack (03). Walking past the orbs when they're above you works too.

Wherever you're standing, the red core will keep following you and shoot more things at you (04), so only stand someplace if you're trying to lure the core somewhere and then hit it from a low spot (05). With lower health, the boss attacks will become more frequent and the green orbs get slightly bigger, so just hide at some good spots, and keep hitting it with your best attacks (06).

Two good weapon solutions is Klage Harnisch and Die geplante Zukunft. With the first weapon, it's a good idea to stand at the bottom block that's closest to the boss and keep launching this weapon at the boss core. It will die after 4 hits. If you don't have that weapon (for reasons unknown), then the second weapon is a decent weapon too, since you can freeze all the boss attacks with it and deal a good amount of damage that way too.

Shatter Glass

Use: Geister Wand
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

When you first enter this room, the room may seem all quiet and no threats in sight (01), until suddenly, the windows in the background will shatter (02) and form itself into a round orb full of glass (03), and you need to run away from it and hit it from far away (04).

This boss will keep shatter itself into round glass forms and keep chasing you, each time with a faster speed than before, but if you stand somewhere and then slide past the glass that chase after you, they won't hit you and that gives you enough time to hit them with strong attacks. Oh, and when the glass shatter from the background, they will damage you, so you must stand someplace safe or you'll get damaged a lot.

When the boss is almost defeated, there won't be enough glass to shatter and chase you with (05)... or is there? The whole room will suddenly shatter (06) and form a very big round glass orb (07), and this one will take more hits before it will go down. Stand in a corner and jump so you can trick it to fly at you from a high spot, and then slide past it when it comes right at you (08).

The best way to kill this boss is to use Geister Wand. Each barrier will kill each of the small glass orbs with one hit, but destroy the bigger one with 2 hits, but it's still the best solution against this boss.

Grim Reaper: Raimund Seyfarth

Use: Groll Schwert (phase 1) / Seele Gewehr (phase 2)
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

You will see the Raimund in the background, and his Scythe will spin all across the place, in an almost 8-shaped pattern (01). It will keep spinning like this, with next to no time to avoid it (02), but there are ways to avoid it. If you can predict where the Scythe will spin, you can slide past it when it comes in from a high spot (03), or jump over it when it comes from a low spot (04), but that's very difficult to do with exact precision.

When you drained half of the health, he will suddenly jump into battle and fight you (05). He likes to jump up and then land at the spot you usually stand at, so you need to slide past him when he land, but his landing spots can still be very unpredictable to figure out. He will spin his Scythe to summon a laser-shaped blade attack (06), so you must slide past it to avoid it, but it comes in at a ridiculous speed, so there's almost no time to react, but it's still possible to avoid it.

Finally, he will step forward and backward sometimes, and when opportunity knocks, he will remove the sword part of his Scythe, ghosts will fly all over the place, and the Grim Reaper will spin his Scythe to create a wind that drags you close to him (07), so you must slide away from him and still keep a steady length from him and also find a good hiding spot in the process, because the sword will suddenly come from the sky in a super-big size and start falling towards the spot you stood at, so you need to run or slide away from that spot to avoid the attack (08).

Against the Scythe, you need to use Groll Schwert 4 times and it will go down quick. Next up, you have to stick with your normal weapon (charged up of course) to be able to hit the Grim Reaper more accurately, because he usually likes to block most of the other weapons you use against him with his own Scythe. You most likely need to use Energy Tanks when you're in a pinch.

A neat little trick you can do once Raimund shows up. If you picked up Lilli, she will be able to keep attacking Raimund and interrupt most of his attacks, so use Lilli and stay far away from Raimund and he won't be bothering you much, but still make sure you have enough health for the battle if you get hit now and then.

Michael Zeppelin

Use: Klage Harnisch
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

This boss will start teleporting and reappear at another spot, then he will launch a small fire that flies in your direction and leaves a trail of fire walls behind it (01), so you have to jump over the fire and stand between the fire walls to avoid the attack.

Then he will turn himself into a bunch of bats and starts to fly to the spot where you stand at, so wait for him to fly, then jump over him (02), so he won't be able to reach you when you land on solid ground.

After a couple of attacks, he'll start teleporting again and reappear someplace else (03), so be ready to hit him with something strong when he shows up again. When he shoots fire at you, that's another good time to hit him.

Klage Harnisch works wonders here, so stand close and use it about 4 times to deal a huge chunk of damage to him.

When you drained half of his health, he'll stop all his attacks and suddenly sink to the ground (04) and he will then reappear as......

Demon Zeppelin

Use: Klage Harnisch
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

Whenever you see a huge shadow under you, run away from it, because he will emerge from it as a huge demonic beast. The first thing he does, is to spit fire at you (01), so you need to either jump over or slide under the fire, depending on your movement. He spits 3 fire chunks at you, so during this part, it's a safe ticket to strike back with a strong attack (02).

Jumping and shooting over the fire chunks seems to be the safest bet here (03), since the fire chunks doesn't always fly at a good enough height for you to slide past them, but sliding is still an alternative way to avoid the fire chunks (04).

Between each fire attack, this boss will crouch, and then leap high in the air to land at the spot where you stood at before (05), so slide past him, and when he's about to hand, he will spit 3 fire chunks at you (06), with the only openings available is next to where the middle fire chunk will land, so stand there, and make sure you jump high too, because the boss will shake the ground (07), making you completely paralyzed a short moment if you didn't manage to jump in time, and that will guarantee you getting hit by his fire attacks, but if you managed to jump, you will have enough time to strike him with some heavy weaponry.

Make sure you avoid all his attacks properly and keep using Klage Harnish at every opportunity, especially when he's standing on solid ground.

Chain Spider

Use: Freuden Stachel
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

This boss will show up from the ceiling and sometimes drop small spiders in your general direction (01), then it will form a path to crawl down where you're standing using the chains it's attached to (02), so run away and find a safe spot to hide, then shoot the core when it crawled all the way down.

Every now and then, the claws stuck to the walls will launch spears at you, so when they're about to get close, slide right past the spear above your head (03). The spider will keep crawling down and up, so keep shooting the core when the chance comes (04), and don't forget to keep avoiding spears thrown at you (05).

When you dealt enough damage, the platform you stand on will suddenly operate and keep going downwards, and the claws will change their direction too (06). And the spider will crawl faster too. Just keep finding a safe spot and shoot the core each time (07), and you'll win.

For a faster battle, use Freuden Stachel while jumping and one of the shots will hit the core for sure.

Mold Devil

Use: Liebes Sturm
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

When you enter the room, a door will close you inside, so you can't escape. Run to the center of the room quickly. Pieces of this boss will fly towards you at super-speed, so you need to either slide past these pieces (01), or jump over them (02). This is pretty tough, since the speed doesn't let you have enough reaction to avoid each piece.

When it has built itself a full body, it will show an eye inside the body, so you need to jump quickly and hit it with your strongest attack. After that, the eye will disappear and the boss will take itself apart and build a body on the other side of the room, so keep jumping and sliding to avoid all the pieces with concentration on your side (03). Each time the boss shows his eyes, it will also shoot a small bullet at you (04), so jump over it and hit the eye with a strong attack (05).

When you drained half of the boss's HP, the gravity in the room will suddenly change, so you're forced to avoid all the boss pieces while you're standing on the ceiling (06). This is very bad, because now it's tougher to decide how high you should jump to avoid some of the pieces and you'll end up getting hit by one of the boss pieces, but at least you can still slide when there's an opening somewhere (07). Keep avoiding the pieces and then keep hitting the eye with a strong attack (08).

When you dealt about 3/4 of damage to the boss, the gravity will change and you will finally stand on the floor again (09). Now you can avoid the boss pieces a bit simpler now, so just hit the boss eye a bit more and he'll finally go down.

If you have problem avoiding the boss pieces and want an easier time beating the boss, have Liebes Sturm ready each time the boss opens his eye. Use this weapon 4 times and the mold gets melted. You can also take a hit from the boss and then hide in the corner of the room, so you won't have to keep jumping past the boss pieces, and be able to beat the boss easier that way.

Iris Machine phase 1

Use: Lust Atem
Attacks: 01 02 03 04

This boss will keep shooting purple sphere-like orbs where you're usually standing (01), so you need to first lure it to where you're standing, then jump or walk past it. The boss will keep firing them at you each second, so just keep jump and walk past each orb to not get any injuries (02).

There will be 2 yellow spheres, one at the top and one at the bottom, that will slowly chase you, then it stops and fires a couple of lightning bolts (03), so try and lure it someplace, then head to a good hiding spot to avoid the lightning attacks and the purple orbs. To defeat this boss, you need to keep jumping and shooting the crater that surrounds the boss (04).

Lust Atem is a very fast weapon to use, and it drains 3 HP from the boss with every hit.

Iris Machine phase 2

Use: Zornes Bombe / Seele Gewehr
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05

The next phase of this boss will launch the purple orbs in an upward direction (01), the lightning bolts will still be quite a bothersome attack (02), and when the purple orbs reach the ground, they will dash to the left quickly, so jump over them if they're infront of you (03), or walk past them if they're right above your head and are about to land.

To damage the boss, you must jump pretty high, and then hit the red core right under Iris (04). It might take a few tries, but jump high enough and you'll have a good enough aim. If you're brave, you can also hide under the Iris Machine (05), but look out for the platform thing right under the machine, because every now and then, it will launch itself towards you with a tremendous speed and then return to its spot, so watch out.

The weakness of this boss happens to be Zornes Bombe, and the explosions of this weapon will totally molest the health of this boss, but you have to place the bombs very close to the boss or throw it from a far distance, and that's a risky move to take. If you stand far away and kick a bomb by sliding, the explosion will be able to hit the machine almost guaranteed, if you make sure that the platform under the machine is moving away from you first. The bomb will land in front of the platform and it will then detonate. Keep repeating this and the fight will be a bit easier.

Iris Capsule

Use: Lilli / Seele Gewehr
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06

The Iris Capsule will teleport all over the place and reappear someplace else, and use a different attack each time. One of the attacks is a green orb barrier that spirals in a set motion towards you (01), so find an opening and then jump past it. The capsule will disappear and reappear again and you'll see where it'll pop up, by the red colored orbs that forms themselves and become the capsule itself (02).

Another of the capsule's attacks is a lightning bolt that shoots where you're standing, but you still have enough time to avoid it the moment you see it, because it won't damage you right away, but still, for safety reasons, either jump or slide past it (03) when the capsule has set an aim and fires the lightning bolt.

The capsule will usually hide on either high or low places (04), so you will have a hard time hitting it, but keep avoiding the lightning bolts by walking/sliding past them (05) or even jump past them, and then hit the capsule when it's right infront of you and on a spot where you can reach it (06).

Best way to deal with the capsule is if you have Lilli with you. Summon Lilli right away and she will keep flying towards the capsule and find its location everytime it hides, and all you need to do is to avoid the capsule's attacks. This is the same way Dr. Wily was taken care of in Rockman 5.

Seraph Iris

Use: Lilli / Seele Gewehr
Attacks: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

When Iris Capsule has half the health left, Iris will get out of the capsule and turn into Seraph Iris. She brings up 3 spheres and puts darkness all over the place (01), by blocking the sunlight. She will shoot a laser shot so it bounces on all the spheres she put up (02), and the third bounce will aim itself at you (03), so you need to slide or jump past that attack (04).

Iris will then teleport and reappear someplace else, and the attack she does is to launch green orbs that rotates in a set pattern towards you (05), so find the opening and stand there to avoid the attack. The next attack Iris does is to stand somewhere and shoot lightning bolts in different directions (06), but you still have enough time to avoid that, so run at a spot where there's no lightning bolts and stand there for a while.

She will also fill up the place with lots of lightning bolts. The bolts will first be blue before turning yellow, and when they are blue, they won't damage you, so this gives you enough time to find a hiding spot (07).

With each attack Iris does, she will summon another sphere and place it somewhere on the battlefield, and when 3 of them are placed, she will use her darkness laser attack again, so make sure to stand in the corners to avoid the laser attack when it comes close. Iris likes to hide on high spots, but the moment she's withing range, quickly shoot her with something strong (08).

If you still have some energy for Lilli, summon her and she will keep following Iris, revealing her location everytime she teleports, otherwise stick with your normal weapon.