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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 2: The Enigma of Dr. Wily

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Robot Master Intro

Highlight a Robot Master mugshot on the Stage Select screen, then hold the Jump button and press Start.

Unlockables (Complete Works)

Boss Attack
This mode lets you battle the Robot Masters again. This is a Time Attack mode where you try and kill all the Robot Master in the fastest time possible. As soon as you enter this mode, you appear in front of the Robot Master Select Screen.

How to get it?
Beat Navi Mode on Normal.
Hard Difficulty
The Hard Difficulty is different from the Normal Difficulty. The Life/Weapon meters have gray colored barriers surrounding them, and enemies deal 1.25 times more damage than normal. On top of that, not a single powerup can be found/gotten when you play this difficulty. Not even extralives or energy pellets.

How to get it?
Beat Original Mode on Normal.

Illustrations (Complete Works)

Picture How to get it?
You have this at start.
Beat Original Mode on Normal.
Beat Original Mode on Hard.
Beat Navi Mode on Normal.
Beat Navi Mode on Hard.
Beat Boss Attack once.