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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 7: Destined Showdown!

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Robot Master Intros

The Robot Master Intros on the (J) version of Rockman 7 not only displayed the name of the Robot Master you're gonna face, but it also displays a name (or a small description) of the stage you're about to enter.

The (U) and (E) versions doesn't have this feature, though. What a pity...

Blues Locations and Blues Shield

Blues is hidden in this game and can be found in 3 different stages. The first location of Blues is in CloudMan's stage, where you can spot a ladder on a roof too high up to reach while on your way through the stage. You can get up there by using the Rush Coil. Climb up the ladder and you will see Blues teleporting in to give you hints that may be useful later on.

The second location of Blues can be found in TurboMan's stage. After the Tyre mayhem in the stage, climb up the long ladder seen on the far-right side and go find a wall that you can go through when you're in the third ladder screen area. You will see Blues teleporting in and ask you a bit about the RUSH plates you may have found in past stages.

The last location of Blues is in ShadeMan's stage. Make sure you beat the Pumpkin midboss while shooting the insides of that boss instead of its shell. The Pumpkin midboss will lead you to the area where Blues can be found. Behind a Sniper Joe, there's a wall behind it that you can go through and find a secret passage by doing so. Go through the door there to find Blues, who will challenge you to a duel.

To be able to beat Blues, keep a constantly charged-up Buster Shot ready to use on him. Whenever he shoots small yellow pellet shots, jump over them while shooting at him. If he jumps and shoots, shoot him while in the air, and dash past his pellet shots. If Blues dashes to a corner and charges his buster, wait until he starts shooting, then shoot a charged-up shot at him while you jump over his long-streamed Buster Shot. Keep repeating this and he will eventuelly go down and he will toss over his Blues Shield for you to use through the rest of the game.

The Blues Shield is quite an extraordinary defensive item. It can protect you from most kind of projectile attacks. It only works while you are standing still, though, since you will still be pretty vulnerable if you shoot, slide or jump.